3 thoughts on “New Photos Released of Cobain’s Garage at Time of Death”

  1. Pretty heartbreaking (-
    Seeing the sunglasses , hat and other stuff on that particular room floor.
    Cliche to say but what a waste.

  2. I always wanted to the see famous cigar box, I thought he would use a pump/needle and not a insulin syringe. However you can clearly see that they are both capped which who would think okay I have about 30-60 seconds to blow my head off I better cap my syringe and put it neatly back in the cigar box also close that lid and then grab the rifle. o_O

  3. The 3 diffrent police reports all mention the things along the body and none mention a syringe laying anywhere in the box. That kind of suggests that one of those two is the one he took the OD with

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