News Flash: Police Unwilling to Waste Time on Cobain Death Fantasies

I’m editorialising for sure…But, frankly, welcome to the twentieth year of zero evidence indicating anything other than that what Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl and all serious investigators stated was true twenty years ago is still true.

My view remains that when someone says something untrue we say “that’s rubbish.” But when that person says twenty things that are untrue we say “oh, but there’s no smoke without fire…” For some reason the quantity of unprovable, unsupported rubbish is deemed to replace the truth/untruth of the individual elements:

For fun, here’s the audio files of Tom Grant:
What I love is that this is a guy who cares so much about ‘justice’ that after twenty years he still hasn’t found an official body or authority to whom he would submit his ‘smoking gun’ tapes, who doesn’t trust the public to whom he appeals sufficiently to let them listen to his supposedly earth-shattering tapes. The evidence would disappear? Give me a break. It’s been two decades – is the evidence a major geological formation or something to do with tectonic plate movements – i.e., something that requires 7,300 days to move…?

It’s a stunning 208 seconds of inconclusive pieces – that he’s edited and where the only statement of context is his own. Take a look at their last conversation. This is how a guy talks to someone who he knows has suffered a major bereavement and who isn’t exactly stable in the first place. I may not love Courtney Love but I think nothing at all of Tom Grant.


3 thoughts on “News Flash: Police Unwilling to Waste Time on Cobain Death Fantasies”

  1. True dat – Live Through This is all Courtney Love, frankly, ever needs to do in my eyes to have been a truly worthwhile musician and artist.

    As for issues…There’s no insult – a guy with major issues who happened to have talent, found a girl with major issues who happened to have talent. Marriages fail all the time and being the one to walk away from it isn’t a guilt/blame situation. The ‘great man’ made the decision that means we even remember him today otherwise he’d just be the dude from Alice in Chains no one can spell right…

  2. Not defending Courtney but it does happen when someone is faced with bereavement. When Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone) died his girlfriend found comfort with another man and was ripped to pieces by people in the ‘scene’. I don’t think any of us can judge another person’s behaviour when they are going through such traumatic events.

    That said, she was totally cheating on Kurt (I’m sure of it). So what she did when he was alive probably contributed to Kurt’s state of mind so I agree with you there. That said, living with a junkie can’t be much fun.

    1. More clarity on what was going on at that time would be nice from a fan/historical perspective…On the other hand, from a human perspective, exactly as you say, there’d be something nosey and a bit rude about demanding absolute knowledge of the interior of the relationship particularly when it seems to be so ‘six of one, half a dozen of the other’ in many ways. Tricky huh? Empathy seems the best answer I guess as you say.

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