Regurgitation – Photos of Cobain’s 1992 LA Apartment

Sorry I’m just passing along stuff at the moment rather than actually writing stuff and adding stuff on here – I can promise you it’s because there’s substantial amounts of Nirvana-related homework happening at the moment that I’ll tell y’all about as soon as I can! Sorry, sorry!

Anyways, photos, the charming devastation left after these fine-upstanding-citizens left one of the apartments they rented in LA. The interest for me comes from this being Cobain’s transition between living in the art-orientated cheap-as-chips accomodation he’d haunted for years and was used to simply smothering in artwork and layering to knee-height in debris – to LA apartments and then further homes for which he would be paying a far more significant amount, presumably (in the case of the rental properties) with some requirement to keep them in good order. Not being used to what is essentially a middle-class property he simply treats it like it was just another cheap place he could do whatever he wanted with – this time because he could bloody well afford to.


5 thoughts on “Regurgitation – Photos of Cobain’s 1992 LA Apartment”

  1. This is not aimed at you Nick, but this is just more sloppy Journalism, the Seattle Police never reopened the case, but I do find it interesting that a cold case detective, would even take the time to look at a case that the city of Seattle claimed to be closed 20 years ago. Also Chad Channing original drummer ? Not taking anything away from him, but at best, you could make the argument that he was the second to play under the title NIRVANA (Dave Foster being the first) but realistically, he was the fourth, and a argument could be made that he was the fifth if Bob McFadden is thrown into the picture. Like I said this is not aimed at you, as I know this particular article is one that you have reposted, rather than written. Hope all is Well , Take Care , Mitch

  2. Hey Nick you always comment about todays youth and nirvana being forgotten etc. I suspect this might interest you!

  3. Hello you lot – sorry for absence, only just picked up here.
    I think that’s my take too, that same as you guys, I’m happy with people debating, having opinions, swapping views – it’s all good. Criticism is definitely allowed! Heck, time and again on here it’s only when people have taken the time to say something that I’ve realised I was wrong or had indeed been too sloppy about something – correction is all to the good.

    Plus, heck, I enjoy reading you! And Mitch has my absolute respect – he made one of my finest experiences of last year.

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