Christmas…And Every Best Wish to Nirvana Fans One n’ All

Strewth December goes by on spiked trainers…

Highlights of the year?

Just found this up online – the red bass guitar? That’s Pat – once upon a time member of Yellow Snow, one of the first bands to ever play alongside Nirvana way back at the Community World Theater, on drums is Bob – a charming and mellow fella – and closest to us is John Purkey formerly of Machine and Subvert among others who was queried by Kurt Cobain as a potential Nirvana drummer and who set up the show at Legends in 1990 with Melvins, Nirvana and the Rhino Humpers. My highlight of the year was sitting in the basement you see on this video watching the band play for me. I was looking for my song of the year, Dharma, by Sleeper Cell which I finally have on CD-R (package arrived the other day) but found this clip instead.

Other good musical moments? Adam Harding’s take on Do Re Mi was wicked too – likewise the dreamy Dumb Numbers debut. The Soundgarden Screaming Life/Fopp reissue finally emerging was nice to see. There’s a band called Sam Kazakgascar who may count as the release that most surprised this year – I wasn’t sure what to expect but this was genuinely different stuff, loved it.

Where next in general? Well, here’s hoping the Cobain twentieth anniversary year features something of note. I’ve a few plans of my own but I’ll just keep plugging away at them and tell all once I’ve reached the necessary critical mass – hate talking about things before they’ve come true just in case they don’t…We’ll see.

Have a great Christmas and catch y’all soon.


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