An Addition to the Information on the Cobain Statue in Aberdeen


This entire blog is a hobby, not a job (despite the hundreds of hours that have gone into it.) Some Internet commentators seem to feel they have an absolute right to say whatever they want, however they want, to whomsoever they wish…I’d say that having that right and being intelligent with it are very different things and I’d rather be smart than right. That means that though I make observations on things related to the overall theme of this blog (i.e., the band Nirvana) I don’t claim to hold absolute truths, nor to be making authoritative and dictatorial judgments – I can be wrong and I’m very happy to say so. I believe I do have a right to comment on any and all publically available information, art, music, ideas, concepts, people, etc., plus the right to defend those comments and views if I believe them to be true, but I don’t have to slavishly follow anyone’s claims or diktats because everything here is written independently – I report only to myself…Therefore I simply try to adhere to the rule that if I get something wrong, or something was/is untrue, then I correct and make it clear and make a sincere and earnest apology. I think it’s a sign of adulthood being able to take criticism and bow one’s head, raise one’s hand and say “yeah, that was me, sorry.”

Anyways! Soooo…A lady called Jennifer Stewart very kindly commented on the blog post from way back in September regarding the Kurt Cobain statue in Aberdeen and she has a very welcome perspective given “this artist…is my mum. A beautiful soul…”

Jennifer explained that Krist Novoselic has since muted his initial discomfort with the statue and has indicated his appreciation of her mother’s efforts – that people acting creatively is the crucial piece. She also states that there were negotiations to attempt to place the statue in the Aberdeen Museum of History but they couldn’t reach an accomodation on the subject of what do with any revenue from memorabilia/postcards featuring the statue; ““she wanted to work a deal for free memberships for kids at our local YMCA.”

(As a sidebar, you note the giant fan directly in front of the statue? It’s a real quality move – Cobain apparently played the majority of his In Utero tour shows with a giant fan aimed directly at his head – you see in Live and Loud when his air blows back off his face? That’s it right there. A nice lil’ bit of authenticity.)

She further pointed out that the artist has a statue “now deemed a United States public monument in Fort Totten in Queens” (I believe this one? which forms a tribute to the firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. Jennifer explained the artist made an attempt to donate relics from Station House 10 to create a tribute within the museum in Aberdeen but, again, they didn’t reach the desired agreement – ah well. So! That’s something fresh and interesting and I hope I’ve shown due respect to the artist and to Jennifer.

Incidentally on a nice rainy day, this Aussie gentleman took a few more shots of Aberdeen sights, thought it might be interesting to ya:

Also, it turns out that Aberdeen High apparently offers a Kurt Cobain Visual Arts Scholarship won in 2012 by Kristen Carson (yay Kristen! Well done!) and offered ever since 1994. The official description is that the applicant must be a “senior student who has taken an interest in visual art – does not need to be an art student – Must submit 8-10 ORIGINAL works of art – one medium only or a combination of 2D and 3D.” I can imagine Mr. Cobain actually, maybe, just about, being pleased that he might be remembered for his art as much as for music…


2 thoughts on “An Addition to the Information on the Cobain Statue in Aberdeen”

  1. I reference to the Cobain Statue located at Hubb’s Muffler Shop. I was contacted by the owner, at which time I presumed she wanted to talk about the statue. However, when I asked about it the conversation was abruptly diverted to displaying the truck that was used to carry the Firefighters statue back to NY.
    One of the museum board members has been contacting people about displaying Cobain items in the Aberdeen Museum’s new music display, and might have spoken with her. I will inquire about that possibility. At this moment all I can say is someone is might be speaking in reference to a second-hand conversation which apparently was misunderstood.
    Most of the items that we have on display are on loan to the museum and owned by Mitch Holmquist, an avid collector of music memorabilia. I will mention at this point that the Aberdeen Museum has been and is always open any offer of donations or loans of artifacts and memorabilia connected to Nirvana or Cobain to enhance to its Nirvana exhibit. In junction with Nirvana we are exhibiting items related to the Melvins, and as time evolves we will feature other bands like Mud Honey, Metal Church, as well as some popular local groups from the as far back as the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.
    Aberdeen and Grays Harbor has a rich musical history of which people should be aware; not just present genres, but those of the past, whether it is Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Heavy Metal, or Grunge. It is all part of our history.

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