Nick’s Nirvana Tour of the Pacific North West Starts TODAY!


No prizes for guessing where I am or why I’ve been putting up these maps of State of Washington Nirvana-related locations the past few weeks. This is all thanks to an email from a gentleman in Indianapolis. I was sat considering summer holiday plans (really just wanted to get away and write) and in the midst of it received a message that simply said how much they enjoyed the book I wrote and asked if I’d ever been over this side of things. He pointed out that it was quite a distance for him but he’d made it up last year and had a great time seeing this side of the United States…So…I thought about it…And I told far too many people I was thinking about it…And I hate saying things and not doing them…So I went and booked and here I am.

Incidentally, technically speaking, I think the tour starts tomorrow. My excuse is that I set out from home at the equivalent of 11.30pm last night Seattle time and its 20.30 Seattle time now. And I just arrived at my hotel straight from the airport. I’m a lil’ teeny tiny bit sleepy…Just a little…

So! I bid you good night. One side bar – Americans are absolutely lovely. The crew on U.S. Airlines, both flights, were delightful throughout, it’s so different to the norm in Britain to deal with people who are genuinely interested, who ask questions, who engage with you as a human not just consumer/customer/process. The Americans kick the ass of any nation in Europe on that front.


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