McCartney/Nirvana Collaboration in Studio Quality Sound

It seems the collaboration was a positive experience for all involved – so much so that they did it again for Saturday Night Live, have released the studio audio recording and are featuring the song on Dave Grohl’s upcoming Sound City documentary soundtrack…Gosh. Plenty going on.

There’s a certain poetry to it; a survivor of the first supergroup of the rock n’ roll era working with the survivors of the final supergroup of the rock n’ roll era (before the steamroller of electronic music took full control). Similarly, those who had to suffer through the death of their friend in one of rock music’s first gun-related shocks (Lennon’s assassination) teamed up with those who endured the decline and ultimate annihilation of their friend in rock music’s last great gun-surprise (Cobain’s suicide.)

The nicest thing, however, is that their response to it hasn’t been to let bad things decide who they are. The response of Paul McCartney and the Nirvana’s guys always seems to have been life-affirming and positive – they look happy.

…OK it’s still a shame there isn’t more ‘edge’ to the recording but still…It’s nice.



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