Nirvana 1990 Tours

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1990 contains a virtual repeat of the first half of 1989. The band kick off in Washington State, then swoop down the west coast through California, dipping out into Mexico, briefly visiting Arizona, back into California, back home. A further jaunt abroad, just across to Canada, follows then, finally, April sees the band off on the road again.

April kicks off in Chicago, then is broken up by further shows in Canada, dropping across the order to Toronto and Montreal before returning to blanket the North-East U.S.:

April 1989_Part 1 and Part 2

That second part is certainly confusing, the band returned to Massachusetts three times, Pennsylvania twice, hence the “cat’s cradle” style map work. This led directly into another run right back across the U.S., twelve shows and a mere fifteen days getting them all the way back to Idaho and then on to home (waving goodbye to drummer Chad Channing at the same time):Tour_May 1990


This was followed by a decent pause as the band regrouped, acquired temporary drummers, then returned to the road with a short jaunt down the West Coast:

August 1990 Tour


That tour, starting in Las Vegas, ended with a run from Seattle across to Vancouver. September-October was a quiet spell; Dan Peters only show, then two practice outings in Olympia for Dave Grohl before his full ‘blooding’ in the full European tour that saw out the year.



3 thoughts on “Nirvana 1990 Tours”

  1. I love this stuff. I consider this time as so pre-Nirvana. The world was just so 80s still, as was I. I can remember those weekends and the music of the times (pretty bad, generally) and to think that Nirvana was playing a show down the road at that time – a harbinger of a pretty big change in art, zeitgeist, culture, world views. Just down the road rocking away in front of a handful of people, unaware of all that was about to change. I love it.

    1. Amazing thinking of pre-Internet times isn’t it? I think I can remember the first time I went online for any reason… Back then it really was a case of small communities getting together around a shared urge.

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