2 thoughts on “Cobain: The Man Who Sold The World (Thank You Jasmine)”

  1. Forthcoming (December 2020) academic study of Kurt Cobain. Not a biography or an analysis of Nirvana’s sound; but an examination of Cobain’s creative process; a literary and cultural analysis of the persona he creates in his lyrics and especially in his journals. “The Pleasures of Death: Kurt Cobain’s Masochistic and Melancholic Persona.” https://lsupress.org/books/detail/pleasures-of-death/

    1. Hey, this is awesome! Is this something that you’ve compiled, or just a resource you’re sharing? Interested because I’m actually going to do a lecture on Leadbelly and Kurt, and how Kurt draws not only from Leadbelly as inspiration, but also the Blues genre as a whole (as rock tends to do).

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