Urusei Yatsura Release a Bonanza of 1993-2000 Rarities – Friday August 7


I remember, back aged 16, visiting a friend called Ewan. We messed around on his drumkit downstairs – only time I’ve ever touched a drumkit – then, upstairs, he showed me an LP he’d just bought and he was sure I’d love. Yep! He was a fair judge of taste and character. We Are Urusei Yatsura became an instant favourite – front to back noisy punk pop with not a weak moment anywhere. Thanks Ewan for introducing me to a band that, to this day, are one of the rare few that make me forget the 24-years that have passed.

Urusei Yatsura – You Are My Urusei Yatsura

Back in 2016 I reviewed the You Are My Urusei Yatsura radio sessions LP for Words & Guitars and let my fanboy soul have full rein – the second-to-last paragraph is my jumping off point for the best news of my summer so far: that on Friday August 7, Urusei Yatsura are doing an online release of a new compilation – Can You Spell Urusei Yatsura: Lost Songs 1993-2000.

The band released an excellent b-side compilation back in 1997, ¡Pulpo!, which is well worth tracking down given it’s another 13 tracks of pure excellence. But that still left a further 23 b-sides that were left off the 1997 compilation, released on the singles accompanying the two albums (Slain By Urusei Yatsura, Everybody Loves Urusei Yatsura) that came out subsequently, or on the Yon Kyoku Iri EP of 1999.

I can only encourage you to take a chance and make a little Bandcamp investment on Friday if you haven’t already heard them. And, if you have, then I suspect you already know why I’m so enthused. All Hail Urusei Yatsura!


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