A Month of No Nirvana…

April is always holiday time. Birthday in March so always a good moment to pause, a third of the way into the year, see if there’s anything I need to remember for the next two-thirds… But plenty on.


A lonnnnnng Thurston Moore interview here: worth kicking in the background – around 1 hour, 47 he chats a bit about the book which is really sweet of him – while reading other things (there’s another piece here too: http://thequietus.com/articles/21673-thurston-moore-interview-2). I was lucky this past month to interview Arto Lindsay:


And then spent a very pleasant couple hours with Dylan Carlson and Kevin Martin at the Ninja Tune HQ in London:


A couple of reviews of We Sing A New Language came in, very good and fair stuff:



And, around it, listening to Thor & Friends; the new Seabuckthorn LP; the Bug Vs Earth record…






2 responses to “A Month of No Nirvana…”

  1. Matt says:

    a post on Mr Cornell , Nick?

  2. Matt Australia says:

    the one significant, actually highly significant possibliity from this extraordinarly tragic and useless event, is great numbers of people learning how dangerous Ativan and anti-depressants in general, are. This publicity can truely save many many lives.

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