Thurston Moore Video plus New Found Nirvana

Second track from Thurston Moore’s new album Rock N Roll Consciousness came out today – quite an atmospheric piece, poetry. Lots of echoes of past pieces therein.

Plus, if anyone didn’t see them, there are two new Nirvana live shows on YouTube courtesy of Mike Ziegler – the Tallahassee video is real good and Miami is pretty interesting:

On the book front, someone kindly pointed out to me there’s a site doing free book shipping worldwide – pretty convenient for those outside of the U.K. who might find the Thurston Moore book interesting:



One thought on “Thurston Moore Video plus New Found Nirvana”

  1. Pleased to hear it Jacqui! I’d not heard of them before someone on the comments section mentioned it – really kind of them and glad it’s working out. I hear getting books imported to Oz can get pricey due to customs charges? True?

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