Why Do We Still Care About Kurt Cobain?

I was invited to sit down at the offices of Omnibus Press and to discuss things on my mind while preparing the Cobain on Cobain book.

The thing I’ve always asked myself is, “I was a Nirvana fan at age 13 – why is it something I still bother talking about at age 35?” The obvious answer is that I’ve always felt that people return to their youth to find elements of comfort and contentment – Nirvana being part of mine. It’s the root of much of my musical taste, it was the start of something for me – a fire set somewhere inside.

Here I talk more widely about what Cobain represented, where he came in the history of rock music, why he’s still so loved and why he – not just his music – his perceived so warmly. Why does Kurt Cobain matter in 2016?

I noticed that ‘Cobain on Cobain’, the U.S. hardback edition, is available via other national Amazon sites with the U.K. paperback to follow in March:

UK – http://goo.gl/cvkOt4

Germany – http://goo.gl/Tr769V

France – http://goo.gl/nKbBmN

Canada – http://goo.gl/unhyah






2 thoughts on “Why Do We Still Care About Kurt Cobain?”

  1. Hi Nick congratulations on the new book!! How impressive I can’t wait to read. So is this the end of the blog? You said you were done with writing about nirvana.
    Thurston Moore book, you said, in the works. Have you met Krist Dave or CL by the way?
    I recall you saying how close friends and family of Kurt appreciate what you are doing. Maybe Francis Bean is the one whom most needs your books! Can you get copies to her? You would surely know someone whom could help. I think she’d be touched by your integrity, amidst all the crap she has to tolerate
    Did you notice how her new husband
    looks spookily similar to Kurt!!!
    Anywaybig congratulations. And good luck in Bristol thats a big change!! Ispent a bunchof days there homeless, sleeping rough outside etc. Can’t say the town itself made much impression on me. But I didnt get to see the culture within.
    All the best!!

    1. Hiya Matt! Oh I can’t imagine ever stopping the blog…But, let’s be fair, some of the work I’ve been proudest off on the blog (maps of Nirvana tours, guess-timating missing show setlists, the Washington Tour 2013, etc.) they’re done. I’m lower on ideas now… You were here homeless? Sheesh, that’s a rough experience of Bristol! You’re being charitably nice about it given that history!

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