Fresh Nirvana Leaks from 1987

Courtesy of my friend and comrade JJ! A few shreds of Nirvana ’87 material apparently from the same session as Mrs Butterworth.

Apologies for absence of posts here this past month – been LOTS on!

Here’s a piece on Kim Gordon’s book I did for a new online culture mag just while I’m passing things on:

6 responses to “Fresh Nirvana Leaks from 1987”

  1. Jen Ast says:

    The comments Ms Gordon made about Billy Corgan, Courtney, and Kurt were all so razor sharp and revealing

  2. mattskeels says:

    Looking at some of these photos I’m reminded of the claim by Peterson that Kurt could play guitar standing on his head. There’s only that one photo of him upside down, but it looks like he’s in motion like he’s doing a flip. Is there any proof that Kurt ever played upside down on his head?

    • nsoulsby says:

      Hi Matt, yeah, that photo is famously a ‘lucky shot’ – Kurt was flipping as it was taken. There’s no proof he ever played standing on his head. He did used to play lying on his back of course.

  3. doombug77 says:

    I really didn’t enjoy Kim Gordon’s book. Your review was spot on. It all came across as very self-pitying. We really didn’t need to know so much about her break up with Moore. They have a daughter so for her sake I would think she would have been a little more mature about it. Would have liked more about the music, less about the gossip. We all know Courtney Love is a nutter.

    • nsoulsby says:

      It was certainly a deep shame. That’s what affected me – I wanted to read a book by a talented musician with an interesting life, instead it was just eavesdropping on bad vibes.

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