Brett Morgen: Montage of Heck Reviews from Sundance

An immediate thank you to my friend James who collated the Montage of Heck reviews thus saving me a ton of time and energy! Kudos and thanks.

I’ve nothing to add really – I would hate to comment too deeply on something I haven’t seen or where I only have a certain quantity of information. Basically it looks/sounds like there’s been some deep love gone into the visual realisation of the project, that the selection of footage and material has been pretty unflinching, its been reviewed by film critics not music critics so I can understand why there’s no mention of unheard Kurt Cobain music in the early reviews (picking out what is previously released versus unreleased would take quite a deep knowledge and awareness), sounds like the focus is precisely what Brett Morgen promised – far more interest in Cobain as a personality and as an emotional being and far less in recounting the well-known narrative of Nirvana’s career…Cool, all good. I await with pleasure.


2 thoughts on “Brett Morgen: Montage of Heck Reviews from Sundance”

  1. There has been some mention of music :-

    “Hours earlier, Morgen told Billboard he thought the biggest surprises the film will deliver for Nirvana fans are Cobain’s acoustic cover of the Beatles’ “And I Love Her” and close to a half-hour of Cobain recordings, both singing and speaking”

    So there’s possibly a fair bit of Kurt solo stuff according to that – probably boombox type stuff but notable it states there’s a cover of the Beatles “And I Love Her” which Eric Erlandsen had previously heavily hinted at before few years back as being one of few things recorded during Kurts later days.

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