Nirvana – July 5 1989 in Iowa City plus a Lost Song by Saucer (not on the Soul Jazz No Seattle release)

A few neat little distractions today…Firstly, the deeply pleasant gentlemen from long lost Bellingham band Saucer (who’s songs “Jail Ain’t Stopping Us” and “Chicky Chicky Frown” are on the No Seattle compilation) shared a lost demo with me that they’ve recently dropped up online. I asked their permission to share it onwards – I mean, what the hey, nice to have something to listen to while looking over today’s musings isn’t it? I like the musical bait n’ switch – the chanted verse flipping over to the thrashing chorus, nice seeing diversions and surprises within songs.

Next, just a small thing – someone I know was browsing the online archive of a newspaper and located the two adverts below:

_2 July 5 1989_Iowa City_Daily Iowan

How curious…The Nirvana Live Guide quotes Blood Circus as the band Nirvana supported that night – I’m curious whether the local band, Annihilation Association, had to drop off for some reason, or if it was the other way around and Blood Circus dropped out. The only references I can find to the band online are a live recording from 1988 at and a reference to a guy called David Murray having been in the band, a live photo at plus the link back to the newspaper from which the adverts came:

Anyways, I just want to ask around and see if Nirvana did play with this band and vice versa. There’s a distraction for the evening…


2 thoughts on “Nirvana – July 5 1989 in Iowa City plus a Lost Song by Saucer (not on the Soul Jazz No Seattle release)”

  1. That was my band, and we did play that night…that and opening for Primus was pretty much the highlight of my farting around with music before I hung it up.

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