Every Known Time Nirvana Performed a Song March 1987 to March 1994

Complete Nirvana Live Song Performances 1987-1994

I just posted this to LiveNirvana as I’d volunteered to help with a data initiative of theirs. I work with two incredibly cool blokes in India called Shrikant and Mohan who built the first version of this for me. It’s an attempt to take every single confirmed song performance listed in the Nirvana Live Guide and record it into a single spreadsheet page so you can see:

– What songs can be confirmed as having been performed
– The pattern in terms of when they were played/stopped being played
– How many times they were played in each month 1987-1994
– How many times they were played in each year 1987-1994
– How many times they were played overall

I’ve revised it a bit – it’ll look like a technicolour yawn at first sight I’m sure but basically, (this is just to help if peeps don’t use Excel, sorry for crash course speak) – Columns run across the page, Rows run down the page, each square is a Cell:

– Column A lists all the songs down the left
– Months and Years run across the top from first performance in March 1987 to last in March 1994
– At the end of each year you’ll see a column highlighted in grey adding up the total number of times a song was performed for each year. The formula is =SUM(Cell:Cell)
– In Column BQ it adds up those ‘totals per song per year’ to say how many times each song was performed in total 1987-1994 (School wins)
– Row 131 along the bottom adds up two things: (a) how many songs are known to have been played that month (b) how many songs are known to have been played that year
– If you want to look at a specific year only (i.e., just 1993) simply highlight all the months/years you don’t want to see (hold down left mouse button and drag mouse across the cells to be covered), then right-click, select ‘hide’

The nice thing is, if more data becomes available and you want to update it just click on the cell matching the song and the date (i.e., look for Pennyroyal Tea in Column A, then move along until you see February 1994) and add or subtract from the number in the relevant cell.

It matches what’s on Nirvana Live Guide up until about May 2013 – so it’s missing updates made after that date to that site. Thought I should just pass it out to everyone so people can use it as they wish, improve it, correct it, etc. Be a shame to lose the knowledge.

Hope everyone else enjoys playing with colourful spreadsheets as much as I do…
…Oh. And this is the 350th post on Nirvana-Legacy.com Nov 2012-July 2014. Yay!


4 thoughts on “Every Known Time Nirvana Performed a Song March 1987 to March 1994”

  1. Here’s an idea for a chart you could do: the number of different words in an average Nirvana song (excluding covers). I like the band but they can be too repetitive at times. You might have heard of the story of how “Green Eggs and Ham” came to be: Dr. Seuss wrote it on a bet to see if he could write a book in 50 words or less. I wanted to know if Nirvana had written a song in 50 words or more. “Paper Cuts” has almost 100 different words, but there are 20-something songs that have less than 50, including most of Bleach! That’s enough for an album or two! It makes me want to make an album where every song has 50 different words or less.

  2. Well if you have the bloody spreadsheet, then maybe you should make a post about it! Especially since you haven’t made a new post lately.

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