Cobain Postcard from Death Scene Plus PDF Police Review of Evidence


It’s one way to commemorate an anniversary…The Seattle Police Department chose to mark the twentieth anniversary of Cobain’s death by reviewing the evidence they hold and releasing a report summarising their views. Their conclusion? Nothing contradicting the verdict of suicide. In terms of new information, there’s almost nothing; they uncovered that on Tuesday April 2, 1994 Cobain took a taxi into town to purchase the shotgun shells that he then used. There’s an interesting discussion of the movement of the gun at time of firing which concludes that Cobain’s death grip on the gun results in the final position of one shotgun casing and one misfired round. Oh, and in what should delight murder theorists, turns out the 1.52 milligrams per litre level of heroin in Cobain’s blood stream is entirely correct though the report also notes the presence of fresh needle tracks and puncture wounds indicating sustained use of heroin and more than one recent injection (wounds is a plural in the report – not just one indicating injection at time of death but several.)

They also released a postcard that was in Cobain’s wallet but unsent in which he scribbles down “Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawful shredded wife even when she’s a bitch with zits and siphoning all (your) money for doping and whoring…” Apparently there’s more not included in the photo released. Funnily enough, the stationery Cobain uses for the postcard above, that was found in his wallet, comes from a San Francisco hotel called the Phoenix – apparently popular with a rock clientele, perhaps partially due to its proximity to a neighbourhood known for drug dealing. As an aside, Cobain doesn’t visit San Francisco in March 1994 – however, Roddy Bottum, keyboardist for Faith No More and a friend of the Cobain couple flew in from San Francisco sometime after March 18 and left before 25 suggesting he might have left the postcard at the house and Cobain had later scooped it up and used it as scrap paper sometime among the smattering of days between Friday March 25 and Tuesday April 5. (Added Note: pointed out in comments, it’s likely the card was written by Courtney herself – sheesh, couples! They have the weirdest sense of humour. :-))

This is the Police Report incidentally:


A thank you at this point to Jon for adding a YouTube link in the comments a week ago to Tom Grant’s response to Mike Ciesynski which, neatly, includes detective Ciesynski’s verbal comments on his review.

For once I’m going to give an inch to the murder theory – Cobain isn’t exactly a candidate for world’s tidiest human being as demonstrated by the photos last month of how he and Courtney Love left one apartment they shared and the numerous comments on his apartment in Olympia previous to that. The idea that he put the syringe back in his box and put the caps on is a bit weird…BUT. Suicide isn’t a normal act, it isn’t a normal time and this is a guy who has shown meticulous attention to the staging and positioning of art projects suggesting it isn’t that he’s constitutionally incapable of being tidy, orderly and precisely arranged. Having laid out items next to his body, putting away the syringes was just one more preparation…Or his supposed killer takes the time to it which is pretty unconvincing too. I’m sure the Seattle police are pretty aware that by this stage people will just believe what they believe.

The postcard’s main fascination comes from the way in which it’s such a common behaviour on Cobain’s part; the Journals are riddled with unsent letters, vicious missives to all and sundry explaining their sins and crimes. My perspective was always that it was his way of discharging his more negative views and I’ve always doubted that any of the letters were meant to be sent because I think Cobain knew fine well that what he was writing was usually extremely slanted and didn’t even capture the totality of his own feelings. Instead it was more akin to the sentiment put out in his lyrics about politeness (“if you wouldn’t mind/if you wouldn’t care…”, Come as You Are, All Apologies) that he often felt he couldn’t say things, or just as likely knew he’d be talking sh** if he did. Really I put the postcard in with that, a semi-nonsensical scree aimed at his wife who has just threatened to take his child away and to divorce him. I mean, those couple of lines are pretty silly.


11 thoughts on “Cobain Postcard from Death Scene Plus PDF Police Review of Evidence”

  1. The reason I was talking about the syringes being in the box is cause most users feel the hit before they even pull it out. Capping and boxing it then taking aim seems like its impossible. I also heard that no one has been found with a higher heroin OD continent then Kurt. Also it is quite clear that he did it cause he was love sick amongst other things, she clearly shouldn’t have done that intervention . Shes a total nag!. Anyways nice post I had not seen that postcard note before it was very intresting

    1. I admit I totally disagree on the intervention – Cobain was wrecking his own career pretty egregiously by this point, ruining his bandmates’ ability to earn their own living wages (given his decision to rewrite the band’s finances so they would mainly only make money by playing), being a bloody awful parental example and the intervention involved representatives from every area of his life; family, friends, work – the lot. Saying it was all Courtney or even primarily Courtney is untrue and selective.

      Not sure I agree on the syringes either – the example of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, where the needle is still in the arm, was a case where he was relapsing after being clean meaning no longer use to the dosages he was taking as his tolerance had declined. He was also using multiple other substances at the time. But! Definitely hey, thanks for sharing it even if we don’t agree on what it all means! 😉

  2. That note is almost certainly by Courtney not Kurt. CBS article even says it could be and it looks more like her handwriting. It’s almost certainly a joke by Courtney and highly likely it was an old note maybe from even when they got married he just had in his wallet.

    1. It looks way more like Courtney’s handwriting . The full note is here:-

      and if you look it says :-

      “Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your
      lawful shredded wife even when she’s a bitch with zits and siphoning all
      your money for doping and whoring , will you promise to fuck her at least once
      a week. OK”

      This note was clearly by Courtney and IMO a joke when they were getting married. I’m not sure why the police release no information around this note and that’s why its being wrongly reported as something Kurt wrote. Its a note he kept not wrote IMO.
      Maybe someone should ask Courtney on twitter. Id be willing to bet my house Courtney wrote this note and it was probably written before they got married.
      Google Courtney’s Dirty Blonde book and just find any extract – it’s her handwriting.

  3. there is one page in Kurt Cobains journal that notes about her breaking out in the face I think it bothered him somehow I dont know who wrote the note but yeah it looks like maybe its not him. You gotta think about something Nick you are talking about one user trying to take a recreational hit and even he isn’t able to even get the syringe out. Now think about it a insulin syringe has 10 ccs he took well above 10 normal overdoses for every cc you push in you can go unconsious at any second and he had to make black tar soluble it was probably filled to the bring. Injecting all this THEN capping it which as art in itself THEN boxng it THEN taking aim. It’s just a hard thing to do period.The fact that he had valium in him makes it even harder I think maybe he took a hit was almost passed out when he woke up someone was like hey I cooked up for next hit he took it without knowing he would never wake up again. OR she just drove him into a suicide. I would also like to say Kurt is a fantastic rolemodle he seems like a femenist, anti racist .anti gay bashing soft and great guy. Doing drugs is not a crime and it dosent make you a bad person,

    1. Definitely no implication that drug abuse makes one amoral or immoral on a day-to-day basis, heck, given there’s now the equivalent of five full books of material on this site I guess it shows I’m interested and fairly committed to the topic and to crediting Cobain.

      I admit though, I don’t think taking drugs is a choice without moral implications – my feeling is that being a customer of an illegal trade does mean one is choosing to purchase the end product while knowing there’s a high chance that both production and profits are tied into violence and oppression in countries beyond the comfy confines of the first world…The right/wrong of prohibition is a separate debate that doesn’t void drug users of acknowledging their entanglement in violence to others…

      1. nsoulsby, what brand of computer and phone are you currently using? Where did their components come from? Where did the clothes in your wardrobe come from? How about your coffee, tea? How often do you drive, fly on a plane? A few honest answers would help me calculate your undoubtedly knowing participation in poverty, slave labor, death, environmental pollution, etc. Also, how moral is it to directly capitalize on the life and death of an individual you never met? At least drug addicts have an illness driving their “immorality.” What’s your excuse for holding yourself in a special class above these people? Surely you do, or you wouldn’t need to mention morality in relation to drug usage at all….

      2. I totally agree with you that every person carries a personal burden of involvement in the wider networks of pain and misery that make up the world. As far as I can tell I don’t hold myself in a ‘special class’ either – and surely the mention of morality can be made in relation to all actions and arenas of life, as you have stated above?

  4. Morning! I’m sure she was involved (like most people would involve their new soul-mate/partner in decisions) but, again, Kurt Cobain isn’t some soft flower, he’s a guy from redneck territory who has barely bowed to anyone else’s wishes unless they align with his at any point in his short life…Her presence/approval/suggestion doesn’t denude him of responsibility for what he then does to his friends.

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