Courtesy of my Friend Carlos Sierra: Verse Chorus Verse Cobain Web Documentary

My friend in Spain Carlos presented me with links to this genuinely well constructed webdocumentary on Nirvana today – damn, what a great gift for a Friday!

I’m sure a lot of you have seen it, it seems to have kicked off around a year ago, but its a neat collage of Nirvana related footage, interviews and other elements carrying the tale from early days to final finish.

Not sure I need to add much more really apart from mentioning that I had my haircut at the weekend, there’s a hint of a mullet about it, that touch of length at the back…And I must guiltily admit to really liking it…

As an aside, the Scottish band Urusei Yatsura…Everytime I listen to them I shake my head and wonder how they never got big…And then I hear the noisiness, the dissonance and remember why it is that I like them and therefore why they’d never break through to the mass consciousness.

Then I listen to the Everyone Loves Urusei Yatsura album and realise that without that dissonance they become…Ugh…A bit like listening to Cast. Yeuch.

So I return to the Hello Tiger single, or the We Are Urusei Yatsura album or the amazing Yon Kyoku Iri EP and remind myself that pop and noise together is a brilliant thing and that this band is a brilliant thing.

And I smile, sing along, enjoy the broken guitar breakdowns…

…And all is well with the world. Have a good weekend! Scottish rock kicks ass!


4 thoughts on “Courtesy of my Friend Carlos Sierra: Verse Chorus Verse Cobain Web Documentary”

  1. this is a really good documentary actually the best nirvana documentary out there that i’ve seen and this was unofficialy produced , but in part 2 the narrator says cobain was in a band called electrified shit fuck but this is wrong the band in question is fecal matter they have thought of a 100 names for fecal matter and electrified shit fuck was just a thought of name fecal matter the name they chose at the end but then buzz was uninterested in the project then cobain trashed the project after a cassette they produced themselves

  2. jim why did kurt’s best friend buy him a shotgun? i can’t possibly think of a reason why a friend would buy a gun for a drug addict with suicidal tendencies, i’m also a addict so in know way am i being judgmental just curious at the audacity of the situation, also i saw a photo recently of kurt’s drug stash and it included black tar heroin , the weird thing about black tar is its not supposed to be injected and most addicts like myself cringe at the thought of injecting black tar because it screws up the veins tremendously causing abscesses and infections and possible amputations not to mention the low potentcy

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