Photos from Cobain Day

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Nirvana News

Just a quick one, give The Daily World a look peoples.

  1. Mitch Holmquist says:

    To bad the exhibit will be no more………

  2. Dann says:

    LISTEN MITCH! If you want to pick your stuff up from the Aberdeen Museum fine. That is your choice, and I will understand that…maybe. It is sad to think the problems you have with Gebular are making you angry to the point of blindness. Now the whole world knows. A little imature don’t you think. It really baffles me. You lead me to believe you were a Kurt Cobain supporter. However your choices are making you appear shallow and superfacial, just like some others who want to jump on the bandwagon, with attitude of “Look what I have don’t.” Damn I can’t believe some of you people.
    Let me know what you are going to do so that I can get your items boxed up, or not.

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