Footage of Nirvana’s December 30, 1993 LA Show

Just a little distraction for a Friday afternoon…Enjoy. Incidentally, I made an error the other day, mistook a January 2013 article for a January 2014 article. Doh! Dumb. Sorry…

Anyways, in other old business…WordPress kicked me a report explaining the blog in 2013 – if you can believe it, 75,000 views over the twelve months? That’s about 205 views if split over 365 days – nice.



I’ve cut the graphics from the report just for interest. Top posts? Strangely, still the one I did in 2012 showing Kurt Cobain’s girlfriends/wife in graphics and stats – sheesh…I suspect spam activity! The next was most views was the photos of Cobain’s house on Pear Street in Olympia – over 6,000!

In total I submitted 237 posts – hope it gives an impression of working hard to make sure there’s something interesting going up…


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