Kurt Cobain Movie on the Move and Nirvana Day in Hoquiam


Just a gentle little news round-up today. Firstly, it seems work is finally proceeding on the proposed Cobain film with the cooperation of Courtney Love. My personal view is that this is a real opportunity given the ability to access his artworks in all medias and therefore to create a portrait of the young man as an artist rather than just as a media star and musician. The director is a reputable figure with experience both of serious documentary work and music-focused documentary work – a real positive given so many Nirvana related documentaries have been well-meaning but not necessarily high-powered or governed by a genuine expert in the field. And the cooperation of Courtney Love does encourage me – I think that the Cobain related events (Heavier Than Heaven, Greatest Hits, With the Lights Out, Journals) that she’s decided to approve have been well-executed and, at the least provide the broadest and deepest pool of original material to base work on. Hiring in an expert is a good move. I recall this film being discussed a full year ago at least so it’s great to hear it finally coming closer to active production. That’s two films to look forward to in the next two years.

In other news, where are you on April 10th?


Hoquiam has a perfectly fair claim to be a significant Cobain location – the area blurs into Aberdeen and Cobain did live there. Plus, heck, frankly it’s great to see a celebration of Cobain done in a small local community rather than some corporate corralled love-in infesting a city somewhere with Police barriers and careful control.

Anything else today? Well, there’s a curious Jonathan Poneman interview here:


A series of brief clips and so forth – very cool. It’s nice to get a little more sense of him as a person given he doesn’t spend much time in front of a camera and trying to detect him from a page lacks something on the humanity front.


One thought on “Kurt Cobain Movie on the Move and Nirvana Day in Hoquiam”

  1. Just another story that proves my point about Aberdeen, what are they doing to celebrate Nirvana making it into the RRHOF ? Nothing……….. so predictable……….

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