Building Cobain Presence in Aberdeen

Another element added to the mix in Aberdeen. Nothing more added on this front yet, I’ll be curious to see what this is. Nice to see a guy who valued himself as more than just a musician, as a true artist, being appreciated by such a span of local artists.

Might have said this the other day, I remember a copy of MAD Magazine back in 1994 saying “teach more singers to mumble like Kurt Cobain so there’ll be less incomprehensible lyrics to memorize.” It’s a neat quip – still makes me smile…And of course there’s far more to say.

The stereotype of the guy who mumbles then screams underestimates the amount of work Cobain put into exercising his vocal abilities – all the unusual touches. The early period prior to fame in particular is loaded with different voicings and attempts to take his vocals to unusual places. Side B of Incesticide was already a showcase for a range of approaches, something like Blandest is an interesting experiment, Fecal Matter goes gruffly punk but still sees him speaking in other voices and tones, the acoustic tracks like Clean Up Before She Comes/Don’t Want it All are another angle, the way few songs even go a whole verse without a shift in pitch or peak…It’s a beautiful thing that he pulled off Do Re Mi right at the end when I’ll admit to feeling the startling vocal changes had gradually fallen for quite some time. In a way what makes Do Re Mi a definitive Cobain performance is that he does something that people perhaps wouldn’t expect him to do when really, if they were reacting to his songs rather than the perception of his songs, the unexpected vocal tweak or twist is precisely what was most crucial and most representative of him as a voice.

Friday addition: a little more on the artist’s intentions for the mural plus kinda fun reading local news for the Aberdeen/Hoquiam/Gray’s Harbor area:


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