“The Universe is Hilarious”: Friday Plus Two Nirvana Videos

Quotation from a very dear, sweet and charming soul on email: “I totally came of age slam dancing at the OK Hotel, 1990-1991. And now you traipse halfway across the planet to snap a photo of it…The universe is hilarious.”

This totally captures what I’ve been chuckling about and enjoying about the ‘Nirvana Tour’. On a walking tour I once traipsed a few hours through a rain storm to see the rear-end of a house that features in a Dickens’ novel, then the last remaining bricks of a church at which Shakespeare worshipped and to view the space in between 1960s modernist buildings where the house (what we would probably now call a hovel) in which he wrote Twelfth Night once stood – if these guys could see the conditions we endured just to see what to them was their everyday, day-to-day, practical, ordinary, nothing existence, they’d wet themselves laughing. They can’t, of course, but those who lived through the exceedingly recent events in Seattle and State of Washington, can indeed see someone like me trooping 22 hours door-to-door (then 22 hours, plus that three hours I was locked out, back) just to peer at the totally ordinary houses, clubs, demolished places and the occasional relic…Its hilarious and I think its good for the soul to be aware that the majority of life and the things we hold dearest are transitory, illusory, of no importance to anyone except ourselves, and usually worth a chuckle – at the same time as being utterly precious because we choose to make it so. Value is a choice not a given.

Anyways! Here’s a Nirvana related documentary from YouTube gifted to me by Marcus Gray, should keep you merrily occupied for the weekend (though I assume an awful lot of people have seen this long before I got near it.) I’ve got a DVD on my shelf I was given in Aberdeen of a German documentary about Kurt Cobain called Too Young to Die – don’t know if it ever made its way online…Anyone know?

There’s also a video from The Daily Beast, courtesy of my comrade Fred, regarding the Heart Shaped Box video:


Anyways, jelly-beans, dolls and delicious people everywhere – yes! I’m talking to YOU! – have a wicked Friday and a purrrrrrfect weekend.


One thought on ““The Universe is Hilarious”: Friday Plus Two Nirvana Videos”

  1. Hi Nick, “Too Young to Die” is on Youtube, but it is in German, it is the only video interview with Dave Foster, and also includes a rare interview with Aaron & Ryan

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