7 Corners: The Recording History of Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters


The lines between past and future are rarely absolute. In the case of Dave Grohl, the clock hands moved incrementally, a few halting ticks at a time, between his decision to dispel the ghost of Nirvana by walking back into Robert Lang Studios in late November 1994 and hammering out an album, the unveiling of Foo Fighters to friends and family on February 19, 1995 on a houseboat and the more public performances that followed from March starting on the home turf of Portland and Seattle. On March 4, just over a year since Nirvana’s final performance, Krist Novoselic stood and watched as his friends and fellow survivors, Grohl and Pat Smear, stepped out with their new identity.

But that wasn’t the start…The fifteen songs recorded at the November session had been seeping out of Mr. Grohl throughout his time in Nirvana – only four of the songs recorded were post-Cobain works. The background to Nirvana was always this guy’s evolution and progress as a musician and song-writer in his own right. And it turns out someone has taken the time to catalogue, explain and tell the story of that long process and the journey to the present day.

I’ve always been stunned by the energy and effort Nirvana fans have committed to documenting the band; the work that has gone into the Nirvana Live Guide, LiveNirvana and the Internet Nirvana Fan Club is astounding. And in the case of Simon Kilmore he’s consistently been a worthy presence in that world… But it turns out much more besides.

Simon runs http://www.foofighterslive.com/ which is, I say this without any shade of doubt whatsoever, the most crucial online resource for anyone wanting to get the fullest view of Foo Fighters. As what will become a continuously evolving further resource, Simon has taken the time to interview people involved with the band, to document over fifty known sessions, to pull together information stretching back as far as 1984 into a 263 page ebook demonstrating the full story. There’s a free sample on the site at the top of this post and its available in multiple formats so wherever you are in the world you’ll be able to settle back and take a read.

As ever, my support for those who decide to commit the time and energies needed to do put something like this together is absolute. Get up, DIY, may the punk message never die.


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