In Utero 20th Anniversary Track Listing: First Glance

Posted: August 7, 2013 in In Utero 1992-1993, Unreleased n' Posthumous Nirvana

A massive merci to Laurent Beck over at LiveNirvana (and a shoutout to the ever readable and engaging Mr. Adrian Karlson) for hunting down the post on listing out what is likely to be (though not as yet confirmed to be) the track listing for the Nirvana In Utero Twentieth Anniversary Super-Deluxe. Here’s the link:

And here we go – note it doesn’t yet list the tracklisting of Live n’ Loud let alone the bonus DVD content – Disc One first:


You’ll note that where it says All Apologies/Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip twice over what I ‘think’ it means is track 12 All Apologies, track 13 Gallons… And now for Disc Two:


Now…You may notice a few oddities here, interesting huh? OK, All Apologies was not demo’ed in either October 1992 or January 1993 as far as is known thus making the January 1991 rendition the main known source…Though this does leave the door open to finding out that this is indeed the long rumoured ‘Song in D’ from the Nevermind sessions of 1991. We’ll see, I believe the former, I’d be fascinated by the latter.

Scentless Apprentice has been confirmed as coming from January 1993 while Very Ape wasn’t demo’ed until Rio in January making that a relatively easy judgment unless there’s an error in LiveNirvana’s so far flawless records. The five instrumentals from October 1992 were confirmed last week also so that’s an easy selection.

You’ll have noted that the slightly eccentric order in which the demos are positioned deliberately mimics the positioning of songs on the In Utero album thus ‘side A’ Scentless, Frances, Dumb then ‘side B’ Very Ape, Pennyroyal, RFUS, Tourette’s…Oh. Note the gap? Suddenly the listing diverts to Marigold then to All Apologies. This may be simply laziness or it may indicate that we’re looking at the early draft of All Apologies which is so different as to barely be recognisable as the same song, prior to the two oddities at the end.

Jam is, I’d assume, the jam from October 1992…But there’s no proof. Likewise, forgotten tune isn’t the same as ‘forgotten song’ so I’m not expecting a fully fledged You Know You’re Right moment, I’m expecting that either this is ‘The Other Improv’ again (much though I love it, God forbid) or this is Lullaby from February 1993…Or I’m completely clueless. It could also be that, remembering the attention to song order, we’re looking at Marigold (1990), All Apologies (Jan 1991), Song in D (mid-1991) then Jam (1992). Nice to know there’s some mystery left here…

Anyways, so, next count up:
Disc 1: 13 track original album, plus Marigold, MV, I Hate Myself & I Want to Die, Verse Chorus Verse (Sappy), plus different takes of Pennyroyal Tea, Heart Shaped Box and All Apologies – 20 tracks
Disc 2: 12 track original album, plus Scentless and Very Ape from Rio, 1990 Marigold, Word of Mouth instrumentals x 5, plus All Apologies (1991?) plus two unknowns = 23
Live n’ Loud: 17 tracks times two = 34, plus a clutch of bonus video footage
Total: a magisterial and impressive SEVENTY SEVEN
…And that’s even before we get to the bonus DVD footage. Time for plenty of smileys methinks. It’s getting better alllllll the time!

  1. Can I use your Chart image? because I manage my Nirvana Blog in South Korea. If you don’t want to then I won’t.

    • nsoulsby says:

      of course you can, take it and go – more than happy. If you were willing to mention that this is where you got it from then I’d be pleased.

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  3. Duncan says:

    I hope they don’t butcher the album with the remaster. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the sound of the original CD (and I will be keeping my copy just in case!)

    Regardless, I shall be buying the Super Deluxe edition of this stunning album. Can’t wait to see Live and Loud in full… and not on some crappy 3rd generation VHS quality either!

    I remember reading in the Melody Maker shortly after Kurt’s death, that Courtney had given Iggy Pop and Michael Stipe a recording made by Kurt. One of the songs was ‘Talk to Me’. Sadly I don’t think this will be included, but Eric Erlandson mentioned that Kurt had recorded an album’s worth of solo demos – maybe it’s on that?

    If the solo ‘album’ actually exists, maybe we will hear of it come next April. Record companies love an anniversary, good or bad!

    • nsoulsby says:

      I’m the same as you, I’ll certainly be buying it.

      On the Eric Erlandson point, at the top left of the screen you should see the ‘About’ link and inside it there’s a sample chapter from the book I wrote about Nirvana last year that tackles the Eric Erlandson points…

      …And alas, no album worth of solo demos…

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  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  6. Brutus The Barber says:

    looks good.
    (superdeluxe is overpriced though)

  7. Gerard says:

    if the “Song in D” rarity was recorded in 1991 then it has nothing to do with In Utero. Think about that.

    • nsoulsby says:

      …Errr…Sorry Gerard? Rape Me, Pennyroyal Tea, Dumb, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter and All Apologies were all written either in or prior to 1991.

      The first recording of All Apologies and Radio Friendly Unit Shifter takes place in January 1991.

      Song in D remains unknown though suspected of being an early shot at All Apologies.

  8. Gerard says:

    Rape Me, Pennyroyal Tea, Dumb, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter and All Apologies were all written either in or prior to 1991.

    ALL prior written to 1991? Lol you making me laugh.

    • nsoulsby says:

      Morning Gerard, y’alright there? Not quite sure what your question is here?

      Let me just check; RFUS first recorded January 1, 1991 – All Apologies first recorded January 1, 1991 – Dumb first performed on Calvin Johnson’s radio show in 1990 – Rape Me performed June 1991 – Pennyroyal Tea in April 1991…Heck, the riff from Tourette’s is played in soundcheck in late 1991 and Krist Novoselic recalls it being practised in 1989…

      Half of In Utero was written before Nevermind came out. All the best, Nick

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