In Utero: Further Confirmation…And Viewing The Parasite


A first thank you, Mr. Marcus Gray was the individual who first shared the Mojo article over at LiveNirvana. Much appreciated! Next, further beautiful entries in Mr. Gray’s Parasite art project:

PARASITE laundry

I’ve commented on it before ( and still find so much to enjoy in these knowing glimpses of meaningfulness that rest on the bedrock of two decades of Nirvana/Cobain knowledge to gain their deeper associations. The brain flickers back through other images and photos when faced with Marcus’ work – a chain between past works and this present shot. The bridge with KURT etched into the paintwork stands out for me also. Digest and enjoy, there’s a fine mind at work here playing visual games with over-informed viewers.


On the In Utero subject, for the best synthesis of information and options get over to LiveNirvana and enjoy the 69 pages (!) of the ‘Speculation Thread’ – I’m just summarising and giving my take here. Thank you to, for the picture and, alas, unfortunately for rather knocking the wind out of everyone’s sails. In summary, the Live n’ Loud Audio/DVD components are confirmed, the debate remains around the precise contents of Disc 1 and Disc 2 which seems to be listing:

Remastered Original Album
B-Sides & Bonus Tracks

Original Album 2013 Mix

I’ve gone bug-eyed trying to zoom, refocus and discern the slightly obscured text on the picture of Disc One but it reads right to me. In summary, it looks like the Mojo article didn’t hide or veil any of the rarities on the release – I guess they somehow scooped the exclusive.

With the full album remastered plus the remix from Steve Albini the track count changes to:
Disc 1: 13 track original album, plus Marigold, MV, I Hate Myself & I Want to Die, Verse Chorus Verse (Sappy) = 17 definite
Disc 2: 13 track original album, plus SA from Rio, 1990 Marigold, Word of Mouth instrumentals x 4 = 19
Live n’ Loud: 17 tracks times two = 34, plus a clutch of bonus video footage
Total: 70 plus the bonus video material

I’m open to seeing this change a bit but not by much – if the bonus video footage and any unmentioned songs added up to ten, or even just to five further tracks I’d expect the release to say 75 or 80 tracks. So don’t hold your breath for more than the stated content is all I’m saying. I don’t foresee Universal withholding mention of other significant unheard material if it was to feature. Disappointed? A touch. It seems to suggest that Universal is run by audiophiles who appreciate a slight tweak to a song, or by dance/pop fans who haven’t quite realised that rock fans are far less impressed by remixes, something Cobain and co. never saw fit to indulge in during their lifespan as a band. Again, I’m open to reinterpretations and reconstructions but ultimately I’m happier with lower sound quality but more intriguing vestigial practice material showing songs coming together. But there’s no happy answer, I remember With the Lights Out getting flak for including Cobain’s acoustic home demos because of the low fidelity and whacked out style they displayed – what the hey, I loved them.

Oh, incidentally…This wins my ‘most misleading title’ award.


One thought on “In Utero: Further Confirmation…And Viewing The Parasite”

  1. Scott Litt did do mixes for Heart Shaped Box , All Apologies and the single version of Pennyroyal Tea though back in 93. So they weren’t immune to having stuff re-mixed.
    The boxset is bit disapointing that they’ve used a whole audio CD of Live & Loud (i mean we can rip the DVD ourselves if need be thank you very much) but was that to be very much expected i suppose.

    It is good they are putting some of Word Of Mouth Endino record instrumentals on there. I wasn’t really expecting that. i’m looking forward to hearing the version of “Tourette’s” and “RFUS”. I hope they include the untitled jam as well.

    There isn’t really any Pachyderm outtakes they could have put on there that haven’t been released already as B sides or on comps like Sappy apart from the curious jam called ‘Lullaby’ and some stuff Dave did.

    They should include the whole of the Rio session but sounds like they aren’t (?).
    Surprised a 1990 demo of Marigold is being included – is that the Pocketwatch version i wonder or another ?

    I guess we’ll have to wait for a tracklist to appear which shouldnt be far off
    As it stands what you list looks about right and if so i will probably just get the Live & Loud DVD and wait for the boxset to at least come down in price.i’m grateful the Live & Loud DVD is finally coming out.

    I’m not sure why they need to remaster the album AND do a 2013 mix though…
    i don’t quite get which one Albini has been alledgley involved in mastering ? the latter?

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