The Big 250: Nirvana’s Legacy Revamped

It’s surprising how time flies. Assessing the Word files related to this site the other week I noted that I’ve now loaded up 123MB of content amounting to somewhere just over 300,000 words. I hope the majority have not been worthless or unreadable over the past eight months.

…Or at least, today would mark the big 250 if I hadn’t just deleted a small number of long expired and superseded posts. So, just trust me, we hit 250 OK? If I can be so bold, if you like the material you find on here then I’d welcome you joining me on Facebook ( and of course I’m always delighted to hear that people recommended what I do here to someone else.

It also made me even more keenly aware that I needed to revamp the Categories structure. Nirvana Thoughts was bringing up 86 posts making it barely useful, while Nirvana Stats has hit 67 — heck, I wrote all these pieces and I sometimes couldn’t find material I was looking for! So, if you don’t know, in the column at the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a number of functionalities: a key-word search bar (tap in any phrase and it’ll see if it comes up in the blog), the most recent five posts, the blog divided month-by-month, and then Categories.

So! I had a go at reorganising the Categories at left-hand side of the page to mean, hopefully, that if you dear reader click on a Category, you’ll be faced with a maximum of 30 or so articles in any category, all with a link or central thread running through them, forming an overall discussion of a particular topic or theme…There are now 17 categories allowing you to look deeper into my ramblings on what I feel are the core themes I’ve been murmuring on about like the mad guy in the marketplace who taunts and bemuses passersby…That’s the theory, in practice, there are and always will be some posts that aren’t perfect matches for any category — I’ll live with that. The new categories are as follows:


Usually on the regular blog summary updates (I did these for Christmas, for 100 and for 175 posts) I look back at the previous few dozen articles and make recommendations, so…What have I enjoyed the most? Hmmm…

The idea of Nirvana has this tiny band that played wherever they could, for next to no money, for so much of their career appeals to me because it restores a degree of realism.

I’d never seen any real consideration of this mooted release — the Rolling Stone article suggests that it was a genuine idea with real meat behind it…Nice to find something unsaid.

Personally, I had never given proper consideration of how much work the couple did together in the last days or the fact that the majority of it is barely known to us.

On the statistics front, I’ve had some good fun in the past few months…

A very simple analysis basically but interesting to see how Nirvana approached the albums released during their lifespan. There are related efforts around songs played the least.

And my favourite graphic efforts are the following:


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