Nirvana Book Extract from the Andy Bollen Tour Diaries

Just a brief mention, a very readable extract from the new Nirvana book recently out consisting of journalist Andy Bollen’s memories of associating with Nirvana across a tour:

I think it might be the first and only time I’ve ever read something from the Daily Record — from memory it’s pretty well a Scotland-only newspaper, not a topic I’m well-versed in though I will confess to owning every Oor Wullie / The Broons annual going back to 1985 thanks to very early parental introduction, they’re comic strips that appear in The Sunday Post, a Sunday paper published up there.
Anyways, here’s the U.K. Amazon link and I’m sure I saw people discussing the book over at LiveNirvana, always a solid source for Nirvana fan commentary and knowledge:

I haven’t ordered a copy yet but, reading the extract, I immediately prefer it to the, at times, self-aggrandisement of the Everett True volume which was certainly worth a deep read. This is the third tour volume on Nirvana if Route 666: On the Road to Nirvana. Alternatively, if the Eric Erlandson and Krist Novoselic volumes are included then it’s the fifth memoir…Oh, heck, forgot that one The Chosen Rejects, sixth in that case. More…?


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