A Nirvana Cover on the Nerd Table

    This past week I heard from a guy called Adam Casto who dropped me a line very kindly just saying “just discovered your website. Man, it’s killer.” Maybe it’s my Britishness but, as I say when people leave comments on the blog, I’m still pleasantly surprised and pleased each time anyone tells me they’ve been enjoying what I’ve been up to here.

    Turns out that Adam supplies vocals to a rather intriguing band called Nerd Table (www.nerdtableonline.com) with quite a remarkable cast of collaborators on their 2012 album release Chasing the Bronco…

    Nerd Table

    Aaron Burckhard and Dale Crover both play on a cover of Floyd the Barber (drums and backing vocals respectively), on a track called Noise of Earth Part 4 (drums and guitar respectively) and Dale also provides guitar on Terri Schiavo (Reprise.) Further adding to the universe of Nirvana-circling figures, Cris Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets contributed to the artwork.

    The cover of Floyd the Barber is available at the band’s homepage, definitely worth a listen — I like how good the tune sounds even shorn of its murky grunge, late Eighties sound. What I like about this, and about Deervana (see last week’s post) is that in each case the band simply enjoys playing the music they love, they’re not mimicking or trying to forcibly press their own sound into a Nirvana-shaped mould. The fact Adam has a more snarling voice sounds great with these lyrics, no karaoke pretence of ‘becoming’ Kurt Cobain, just taking the song on, making it less glowering and dank (Kurt always made it sound so seedy and rundown), more of a razor, more ‘metal’.


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