Something Mellow for the Weekend…

With thanks to Paul Tripi, it’s time to relax, and you know what that means…

…Well, today it means checking a band playing full sets of Nirvana covers and indulging their inner fan boy. What’s neat is how well Nirvana’s songs sound in other hands, the simplicity of construction and sound make the instrumental attack easy to duplicate. The voice is the element representing the greatest difficulty, John McCauley does it well simply by leaving things unpolished, his voice fraying at the edges. The idea of an established band taking time out to play the songs of their heroes is certainly endearing (no pun intended) and pleasantly whimsical; the fact they do it well is pleasing. It enhanced it for me that the band don’t bother dressing up or trying to disguise themselves AS Nirvana, it’s better this way as they’re never anyone over than themselves. That honesty is welcome.

Just thought we’d go with something gentle today, conclude the ‘first appearance’ stats tomorrow, end of the first week of 2013…Breathe.


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