Nirvana in June 1994

The only person that would be… with Kurt as of June ‘94 … and would still be…Was Pat. They broke UP.” Quite a quotation from Courtney Love, never exactly short of words worth chewing over. Though her ungenerous attitude is sad to behold, I admit I really can’t doubt the truth of what she says — as usual, Courtney’s problem is being far too sharp and intemperate in her comments, not that she’s inaccurate, unintelligent or a liar (she’s rarely any of these things.)

In 1994 the only person Kurt invited to collaborate, while out on tour, was Pat Smear as described in an exclusive interview on The Internet Nirvana Fan Club from 2002. As an aside, the suggestion that Pat should add a guitar part to You Know You’re Right seems to indicate that the song might have been intended for release in that form and as a Nirvana song; but March 1994, the last collaborations, look like nothing usable or worthwhile being achieved.

The decision to simply ignore the deadline for deciding on Lollapalooza is a very consistent behavioural pattern of course. In past years, having decided to essentially sack people from the band, Kurt’s approach had been to avoid the conversation altogether unless it became essential. In 1994, the idea that he simply sat on his hands and waited for everyone to draw their own conclusions is an entirely normal way of behaving, for him. The fact he continued to invite Pat Smear to be present says everything — this was not a guy who continued to hang around with discarded band members or associates, when they were gone, they were gone.

The tense incidents within the band; absence of substantial collaboration 1992-1994, the falling-out between the Cobains and the Novoselics in early 1992, the argument over royalties in mid-1992, Krist’s disgust at Cobain’s low effort in Sao Paolo in January 1993… It doesn’t look like a functioning unit. Courtney is, sadly, right as far as the evidence shows.

Anyways, in the meantime, at least the surviving members of Nirvana remain on cordial terms though the chances of a more formal collaboration has been ruled out:


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