McCartney/Nirvana Update

Plenty of footage on YouTube – corrections to previous ‘first take’, Pat Smear along too. They played a new song called ‘Cut Me Some Slack’ and seem to have left it at that. Phew!

Looks like an enjoyable enough evening – a poppy enough new song. I’ve always wondered what that move is called where guys on stage play ‘to each other’ (you’ll know it when you see it) and why its visually effective.

Courtney is restrained enough in her comments – nothing particular to worry about…The Lennon preference is a fair one if we’re talking reasonable comparisons to Kurt Cobain:


One thought on “McCartney/Nirvana Update”

  1. Well most of the insults are usually aimed at Dave.(including some very bizarre ones this year)

    Don’t get me wrong im not a Courtney basher etc but her slagging off Krist for his bass playing ability is just dumb . He’s always been a decent and capable bass player and him and Dave always had good groove together . Krist was always underated in Nirvana in what he bought to the table when was there from day one and was very much part of the glue live.

    This wasn’t Nirvana so Courtney should chill .
    This just was good one live jam with McCartney during HIS set . I actually liked it quite a bit.
    I love hearing Dave beat drums like that live and was bit Crooked Vultures/QOTSA meets The Beatles Helter Skelter . The double tempo bit at end did make me smile . Pat was loving it!

    Also nevermind Nirvana for a sec the fact you had a bloke from The Germs , someone who played in Flipper , an ex-member of Scream playing with a Beatle is cool and surreal if you think about it.

    Saturday Live Night performance was good also.
    Less keen on the studio version funnily enough.

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