Mapping Part II

From January 1989 onward, Nirvana finally broke their boundaries and moved on:

January sees Nirvana’s circle widen to encompass Portland, February and they make it as far as San Francisco and San Jose. Though persisting in their retreats to the safety of home, the band are spreading down that Western seaboard. It’s like seeing a child growing in confidence; come June they return to Portland, return to Seattle, back out to San Francisco…And then, thanks to Sub Pop’s ambitious plans, the doors open:

It gets harder to follow the band in map form, but let’s try. It’s just a different way of looking at things; the storytelling mode has been well done:

Followed by a breather back in Seattle for a couple months before:

It took the band two years to even make it two states on, then suddenly, in the next six months the band play in eighteen states scattered across the entire United States and over thirty shows, more than in the whole of 1987-1988. That must have been quite an experience.


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