Mileage Part II

Just a brief evening component…


Again, looked at by country, I’m not sure we’re seeing any great surprises except how closely matched the U.K. is by Germany. In terms of their presence as a ‘live’, real-life experience rather than just a consumable video/audio product, the rest of Europe had as much claim to the band as we Brits did. The thorough criss-crossing of these countries is noticeable too, for example, this is Nirvana’s visits to Germany:


It’s a rash! They peppered the country with visits and took in most major cities at least once. The U.K. is even more thoroughly carpet bombed. Again, Canada stands out simply as an indicator of how centred Nirvana was in North America; quick jaunts across the border made sense over and over again hence Vancouver earning its six visits.


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