The Cupboard was Bare?

There have been ever thinner riches accompanying Nirvana releases since the 2004 With the Lights Out box set — fewer rarities, fewer alternative versions of interest. It’s possible now to understand what was left from Nirvana’s studio sessions thanks to the work done by The following list shows how little music hadn’t emerged by the time of Kurt Cobain’s death:

Anything in red has still not been made available on an official compilation. At this long remove it’s a surprise there’s anything at all that hasn’t seen release. There have been promises made of special releases in 2013 for the In Utero Twentieth Anniversary. If this follows the pattern set by the Nevermind releases then some considerable part of the April 1992-January 1993 material will emerge, perhaps even the January 1991 demos too.

Of course almost everything here has sneaked out into the realm of bootlegs (just go take a look at YouTube.) The exception, as far as I’m aware, may be the Bleach session attempt at Hairspray Queen. Depressing in a way, so few secrets to come unless…Unless there’s some truth in the rumors of substantial Kurt Cobain home demos.

Friday 16th Nov: Mia culpa! Its been pointed out that I skipped the 1991 edition of Sappy – true! Apologies. Similarly there’s a jam from the In Utero sessions known as Lullaby, the description over at LiveNirvana drawn from Gillian G. Gaar’s In Utero volume seems to be the only available information and it doesn’t seem to promise much beyond an instrumental free-for-all…Welcomed but…


4 thoughts on “The Cupboard was Bare?”

  1. Would love to hear those unreleased Endino In Utero demos – i gather they were all instrumental ?

    The Nevermind Sound City studio recording of ‘Sappy’ has still not been released and it does exist according to ppl who know. I have no clue why it wasn’t included on the Nevermind deluxe release.

    In regards to any Cobain boombox home stuff – Eric Erlandsen said last year or so that there is quite a few of Cobain home demos that have not been released.

    1. Hey ya Dan,
      The LiveNirvana Session Guide is stunning when it comes to giving detail on this kinda thing – I admit I didn’t mention the rehearsals around that time that took place, it’d be lovely to hear more of them.

      In the book there’s a whole chapter discussing Eric’s comments and my take on them – I don’t think there’s much going to come from 1994 homework… If there is I’ll be stunned but…I’m dubious. I don’t see much evidence of vast quantities of work going on.

      All the best!

  2. Yeh i’m bit dubious of there being much home recorded stuff from 94.
    If there was other stuff akin to ‘Do Re Mi’ surely they would have been released by now?
    its not like they’ve been shy of releasing boombox scruffy recordings.
    But who knows….the Nirvana camp in releasing stuff and/or not releasing stuff can be bit strange.
    Look how long it took obvious stuff like the Paramount filmed concert to be released on DVD just for example. No release of Live & Loud etc

    The only Endino 92 In Utero demo that has been released so far was ‘Rape Me’ on the WTLO boxset .Apparently that was the only track Kurt recorded a proper vocal for during those sessions – The rest were instrumental as far as i know . Which is probably why we haven’t seen them released as yet- ie- the label ppl probably wrongly presume we’re not interested in non-vocal tracks.
    Hopefully tho they will be released on any possible In Utero deluxe. Would love to hear them.

    Was annoying that the sound city version of ‘Sappy’ wasn’t on the Nevermind deluxe – i don’t understand that.

    On a related note Krist , Butch & Dave did an interview with John Stewart last year for that boxset and Butch Vig yet again mentioned the mysterious ‘Song In D’- both of which Krist & Dave didn’t seem to recall or know what he was on about.
    I think it is fairly safe to assume that Butch has confused an early version of ‘All Apologies’.

    1. Good knowledge fella! Like it. Totally agree on the choices made in the Nirvana camp and the comprehensiveness of With the Lights Out leaves me little faith in there being much more to emerge from 1994. The chapter I’m going to release at the weekend sums up my thinking step-by-step while trying to look for hopeful angles and possibilities.

      As for Nevermind Deluxe…God knows what happened to Sappy, I made the mistake of confusing the version on there with the version everyone wants to see…As for Song in D, I’m sure you’re right. I’d be stunned if not.

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