The Hammer Party: Nirvana’s Drummers

Ask most people to name Nirvana’s drummer and they’ll come back with an enthusiastic “Dave Grohl!” (A.K.A. The Nicest Rock Star in the World.) As the band’s drummer on their two most popular studio albums (and on MTV Unplugged in New York) and the band member who has subsequently gone on to independent success in the music world, it’s understandable.

It’s interesting though to examine Nirvana’s drummers statistically, to understand further the contribution they made to the band’s career. The ‘Time in Band’ chart indicates length of tenure in the band commencing at the top in February 1987 then proceeding clockwise until April 1994.

Dave Grohl emerges the clear victor serving slightly longer than all Nirvana’s other drummers put together and the single longest tenure. Chad Channing, unsurprisingly is in second place but intriguingly it’s the overlooked figure of Aaron Burckhard in third.


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