Artists: Depression, Anxiety & Rage

I’m a great believer in the redemptive power of creativity, that fashioning one’s own refuge or torrent can provide safety when the world becomes too much or can expel negative feelings so they don’t hiss inside the head so much.

Of course, I think it’s clear that many artists have no alternative, they have to pour their experiences and feelings out somewhere – to all our benefits but often to their detriment or suffering. There’s always hope to be found there though, the learning of lessons, the sharing of hard won alternatives, the chance to give something to someone else who may need it to get through.

The new documentary above, “Artists: Depression, Anxiety, & Rage” is made by two people I respect hugely – Lydia Lunch and Jasmine Hirst – and if you happen to have an interest in the subjects of mental health, the experiences of artists, the limits of human endurance…Then it sounds worth investing a few dollars in.

The GoFundMe link is here and all contributions will go toward sharing the work with the world:


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