Zvuki and “Musicians for Belarus”


The Russian language music publication Zvuki is inviting musicians to support the ongoing struggles in Belarus with their statements of support and videos.

If you would like to support the campaign, or would like to share this with artists and musicians you believe would be interested, please do so. I’ve included below the statement provided by Editor-in-Chief/Publisher at Zvuki, Sonya Sokolova as she says it far more articulately than I:

Hello there, Sonya Sokolova, Zvuki.ru editor-in-chief is here!

I am reaching out to ask if you would consider participating in a media campaign that we run together with our fellow musicians from all over the world.

The campaign is aimed to support the people of Belarus in their battle against the dictator regime and to inform the society that has taken a consistently tough stance against human rights violations and aggressive response to peaceful protest, what horrible things are happening in Belarus.

History is now in the making in a country of 9.4 million people located in the center of Europe. You surely know that, following Alexander Lukashenko’s illegitimate election win, police forces violently suppress protests. When people stood up to defend their vote in a blatantly rigged presidential election on 9 August 2020, the authorities responded with a wave of unprecedented violence, leaving at least five dead, hundreds wounded and more than 30,000 detained – all likely an undercount as the government terrorizes citizens and hides the true scale of the oppression. I would very much welcome that you participate in the campaign of support, organized by Zvuki and the YouTube channel World Online Festival.

We already have Blitz Union from the Czech Republic, James Kennedy from the UK, Esma from Italy, Faith No More from California, MD & Healers from NY – and hundreds of others.

How to participate: please record a horizontal (!) video with a couple of encouraging phrases and attach a video with any song (live or a pre-recorded music video). Feel free sending me the link on exchange platforms like Google Drive to sonya@zvuki.ru

Thank you for your time and consideration! Cheers, Sonya Sokolova Zvuki.ru Publisher


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