Merry Christmas Nirvana Fans

Cheerful time with the family and my every best wish to each of you. A year is always too long and too short at the same time so great to be able to hit the reset button, get a break and start fresh in the New Year. We’re on pause in the meantime.

Favourite posts of the year? Well, let’s be fair, nothing compares to the Nirvana Tour of the North West from late 2013, or the stat posts of 2012-2013 (in the column on the left look for the appropriate categories if you’re curious). But, gosh, what a year for Nirvana fans – a few intriguing leaks, Montage of Heck movie, Montage of Heck soundtrack. I’ve loved it all and YES, I’m still enjoying the soundtrack!

As for my year, yep, was lovely to see ‘I Found My Friends’ get out there into the world. And its been great hearing back from people who were kind enough to take part in the book and hearing it feels like their experience. Neat. Simple respect and courtesy matters in this world and I wanted to make sure it worked for those who were kind to me.

And, February 1 2016, ‘Cobain on Cobain’ comes out – that’ll be nice to see. I’ll talk more about it in the New Year I guess. Working on a book regarding Thurston Moore in the meantime, good to stay occupied around the day job. Good to enjoy one’s job AND come home to a passion.

Hope you find your passions if you haven’t already. Just go for it.


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Nirvana Fans”

  1. Santa brought me I Found My Friends and haven’t been able to put it down. Proud to have it in the collection, merry Christmas!

  2. Happy New Year! This is a good time to thank you for all your posts and tell you how much I enjoy each and every one of them as I’m sure do countless others! Keep them coming and best wishes to you and yours! Susan

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