Tom Grant Withdraws (with Dignity) from the Cobain Fray….

With thanks to ‘Doombug’ for sharing this with me. This is Tom Grant’s note explaining the closure of his Twitter and Facebook accounts. I’ve nothing much to add to it. I may disagree with him on the matter of Cobain’s death but I can only wish him well in his life in general. Hope he does OK.

Dear Friend,
Thank you for noticing my Twitter and Facebook accounts are closed. I didn’t notify anyone in advance because I didn’t have the time or inclination to either read or ignore, (due to time constraints), hundreds of “private messages” or “tweets” about my decision.
The reason for closing my social media accounts is very simple—I spend far too much unpaid time online dealing with issues surrounding the Cobain Case. Now that I’m no longer needed here, I must create a source of income to supplement my inadequate retirement income. Like everyone else, I do have bills to pay.
Since the release of “Soaked In Bleach” you now have Ben Statlerand several highly qualified experts who are more than capable of taking the Cobain Case to the next level. It’s no longer a matter of MY opinion anymore! Prominent experts have expressed alarm and outrage over the improper handling of the case by the Seattle authorities as well as established evidence discovered about the events and details surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain. As most of you have seen, even the former Seattle Chief of Police, Norm Stamper, has stated that if he were the Chief today, he would reopen the Cobain case!
Even though my name seems to be permanently attached to the Cobain case, in reality, my name is now completely irrelevant. And I like that a lot!
Now that the basics of my story have been told on my website and through the release of Ben Statler’s great film, “Soaked in Bleach,” I’ve been personally analyzed and ridiculed by some, but all of that has been offset by compliments and words of encouragement from our supporters.
So I’m finishing a new page on my website at that will focus on the specific issues that should result in the Seattle authorities changing the findings in Kurt Cobain’s death to “Undetermined” or “Homicide.” I think you’ll be amazed and surprised at the simplicity of this approach. It details the issues I’ve wanted everyone to focus on for years.
It’s time to take the focus off of me and put it where it truly belongs. I’m not yet sure what I’m going to name the new website page but it will deal with the strategy needed to bring all of our hard work to a successful end.
Once I’ve finished the new page, I’m going to be developing another website where I’ll be selling E-Books based on a variety of short, true stories. I’ll also be writing about several of my favorite topical issues. These E-books will sell for just a few dollars each and will, hopefully, help supplement my monthly income.
Thank you all for your support and understanding.
Tom Grant


2 thoughts on “Tom Grant Withdraws (with Dignity) from the Cobain Fray….”

  1. To Heck with wishing this Felon the best, Tom Grant Committed Serious Crimes against Kurt’s wife and child. Grant’s silly, but intentionally very hurtful, movie has him so worried about Dylan having a little prescription drug in his pocket, and worried about getting busted, and yet Tom Grant secretly records phone calls with many victims — a serious Federal Felony (see Linda Tripp for further info.) He claim he quit the Sheriff’s Dept.honorably. I bet there’s a lot more to that we’re not hearing about. AND Grant claims Courtney kept shooting him work. She probably felt sorry for everybody, even Grant, after Kurt died. That’s a natural emotion and reaction. Obviously, Grant is just a parasite feeding off Kurt’s fame, and quickly began committing serious Felonies against Kurt’s family shortly after being contacted. Grant should not have to worry about room and board costs of his retirement as that should be paid for by prison authorities. Grant is a felon who should have gone to prison. On Grant’s Movie (which he hopes to parlay into a lavish retirement at the expense of Kurt’s wife (who was so kind to him) and Kurt and Kurt’s daughter and family):

    Grant is a total FELON scum bag. How can someone be paid to work for someone, take all their information and money in confidence, and then completely turn on them? This is okay for investigators? They have ZERO ethical rules, apparently. Lawyers are not allowed to do this.

    So this guy works Kurt Cobain’s wife for all the money he can, is proud to commit federal felonies secretly taping phone conversations (the Feds should have prosecuted, but apparently chose not to), and spends his time obviously trying to assemble information to make more money on Kurt and Courtney’s fame later.

    And what is Grant’s excuse for not thoroughly searching the house on his first or second trip to the house? Hmmmm? Grant Collects his money, but doesn’t do his work. Incompetent. I watched this with an open mind, and I DO believe in most of the conspiracy theories I research (and am neutral on ones I have not.). Hey, “The CIA” did kill JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon and lots of others. For JFK’s Hit, start here: Post death attempts to use the credit card (apparently) and the shotgun shell have me modestly puzzled, but both are explainable in many ways. They aren’t proof of murder. And a pro hit man would not steal a credit card.

    A month before Kurt had a serious OD, apparent suicide attempt? 2 weeks before the police came and confiscated 4 guns from a super rich rock god based upon what they saw? And then a junkie friend of his goes right out and gets him another gun? He flies down and sees his daughter for the last time(s) and then flies back home to check out. Not complicated. At the time it occurred in the context of the government taking his child away, due a hurtful article in Vanity Fair — all were jealous of Kurt and Courtney and wanted to hurt them — and he wrote Rape Me about the experience — and so he KNEW if he continued to be dirty they would take his baby away. And I believe the divorce talk was directed at that — so that as he could not get clean so long as Courtney divorced him then she could keep Frances Bean.

    Otherwise, if they were still married they would both lose Frances Bean again — they took the baby away before in the wake of the Vanity Fair article. That had to permanently damage Kurt permanently. And he KNEW as he could not quit heroin he was going to cause them both to lose Frances Bean again. When it comes to children, they’re all that matter. So sure Kurt was suicidal at least some of the time, and it only takes 1 time to do it. The solution to the Government taking Frances Bean was for him to check out, so he ODed a month before and was saved, and then the police took all his guns away … and so he secured another through a friend so the police would not be alerted that he had another … and he went to LA to visit his baby for a last time … and then went home to check out. Did the police do a great job? No they didn’t, and nor did they on the OJ case, but does the job they did mean OJ is innocent or Kurt was murdered? No. The bad job the police did has little bearing. Here the very police department which took the extreme step of removing all his weapons after he had just ODed and then seemed suicidal with 4 guns they took came out to investigate.

    They had more information than this parasite Grant wants to let on. And on Courtney, she took the extreme step of hiring an investigator to find him, pay him probably hundreds of thousands of dollars and even for a field trip to Seattle — and what, it’s raining so he doesn’t want to get out of the car to investigate? Weak. Maybe Kurt was still alive then and Grant could have saved him. Why did he even go to Seattle himself? Why not hire an agent in Seattle to check on Kurt for him? It would have gotten done faster, and maybe actually been done. What a WEAK self interested unethical investigator Grant is. Ridiculous. I’ve seen jackass investigators like this before — they’re flim flam men — snake oil salesman. Ridiculous. Committing all sorts of crimes against his own client, her spouse and their child? Really? Come on? And proud that he’s such a broke idiot he’s not worth suing? Really. I don’t buy anything Grant says. The placement of the shell is odd. That’s about it. Did the police do a bad job? Yes! They often do. Grant has somewhat proven that. But that’s it. And when a violent death occurs with a firearm it’s not uncommon for all sorts of things to be bounced around all over. It’s not a neat situation. There are many BLATANT falsehoods in this:

    1. California is a community property state and In Utero was created during the marriage, so Courtney would have at least had half of the Community 100 percent interest in In Utero and lots lots more. Even IF a prenup cut into that, she would be receiving a large amount of a cash settlement then child support and alimony from her junkie husband as she would be awarded custody, AND HOLE HAD AN ALBUM COMING OUT IN A FEW DAYS, a tour behind it and on and on. Not to mention I am sure Kurt collaborated with Courtney on Live Through This (it’s okay, it’s what people who love each other do), so Courtney would need Kurt for the next album and the next, and to appear at her concerts, watch the kid (if clean from drugs) and lots lots more. with kurt alive in any capacity Courtney would be much better off — Courtney lost the most of anyone when Kurt died — Courtney and Frances Bean, and Kurt’s mother. To try to call her penniless and desperate for money if she gets divorced is ridiculous. Courtney wasn’t likely to want for money ever again, whether married or divorced to Kurt. Grant is totally delusional and off base on this. Notwithstanding all of this, Grant is delusional to think that Kurt would just cut the mother of his child off financially. Kurt would not have done that. Kurt wasn’t all about money. Grant is all about money. Grant would not understand.

    2. Apparently the amount of Heroin in Kurt’s bloodstream was GREATLY exaggerated by Grant. Any way you cut it, there’s no sign of a struggle of anybody but Kurt shooting Kurt up. He’s a Junkie, and he went to elaborate efforts to secure another gun just days after the police took all his guns away because he was suicidal (and that’s shortly after an OD suicide attempt). The police were there the night they took all Kurt’s guns away (just a week or 2 before they found his dead body). What do you think Kurt was saying and how was Kurt acting to cause the police to take all his guns away? Hmmmmmmmm?

    3. It was bad timing for Courtney to have lots of time to try to help Kurt, and she apparently didn’t know where he was (in fact, he was in LA just before his death). LIVE THROUGH THIS was released just a couple days after Kurt was found. Hole’s 1st album in about 4 years, right? Don’t you think Courtney had some things to do regarding release of that album? Appearances, publicity, etc., etc.. She had work. To say she didn’t as Grant claims is patently RIDICULOUS. And she HIRED an investigator who should have immediately hired an affiliate in Seattle to do the work there. Maybe someone not afraid of the rain in Seattle who would get out of the car and check the house as he’s being paid for (and flied to Seattle). An agent in Seattle could have gotten right over there and checked the house, had contacts, etc. Had he brought in a retired Seattle Police Detective they would have had contacts with the police to help too. Why is Grant holding all this work so close to do it all himself (for the collection of evidence for his own purposes he had already started)? Why? Hmmmmm? Why??? And doing a really crappy job? Why?

    4. Kurt and Courtney were seldom, if ever, caught fighting in the media, which is really amazing given their positions, money, drugs and all. It’s amazing. I don’t think Kurt was about to leave Courtney. I don’t buy it. And see number 1: The whole premise that Courtney would be broke in the event of a divorce is ridiculous. And that Kurt even wanted a divorce even more ridiculous. Courtney seems to be very much his muse — a heroin muse at that. I am aware of other addicts who have shot and killed themselves in my own experience in life. I’ve never tried the drug. I’m not sure if that’s a common thing or not, but it definitely happens.

    5. There are 10s of other inconsistencies and lies told by Grant to serve his own interests at the expense of his client, the deceased and their child, but it’s clear he’s a FELON (secretly taping phone conversations), a SCAM ARTIST ripping people off (lots of investigators are), UNETHICAL, only SELF INTERESTED without concern for the harm he does his own client and the deceased’s child and his family. Grant is sociopath, and a narcissistic psychotic. Knowingly commit serious felonies against many people secretly taping their telephone calls. Grant should have gone to prison for that. The police screwed that case up too. They should have put Felon Grant away! Courtney shrieking about losing Frances Bean again if Kurt cannot get clean — the actual specter of that happening — I think that was driving Kurt to end it — to not lose Frances Bean again — But then you know it’s nearly impossible to understand what a strung out junkie is thinking about — their logic — and it’s real hard for Grant to explain the Rome suicide attempt and all Kurt’s guns being removed by the police just a few days before — and Courtney was there then, right? If she knew he was going to die and die in Seattle she would have dropped everything, even a new album coming out for the first time in half a decade, and she would have gone to Seattle. It’s EASY to say in 20/20 Heinsight Courtney should have gone and why didn’t she? Hey, she hired an investigator who I am sure lied to her and told her everything was “under control” and he “was doing everything humanly possible” as he collected hundreds of thousands in fees from her and committed malpractice, gross malpractice. And why do people stop talking to Grant? Hey, did you hear the lawyer find out he was committing a felony against her taping their conversations? What do you think everyone was told by the lawyer?:

    This parasite CREEP Grant is a FELON who broke the law at least by secretly taping phone conversations, even with a lawyer. He’s NUTZ and out for himself. Cut him off! Those were the lawyer’s orders I am sure.

  2. Let’s waste public money that could be better spent on the homeless, on business creation, on a myriad of actual human tragedies on investigating every case where people have ‘opinions’ but have produced not a shred of evidence in 25 years…

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