The 400th Nirvana Legacy Blog Post: What’s Been on with “I Found My Friends”

Back Page of NY Times

October 30, 2012 – 946 days ago, I started tapping away on the blog. Today…OK, having deleted 30+ posts over the past few years, it’s the 400th piece to go up. One every 2.3 days but certainly aware it’s been a slow year on the blog front. Regardless, cause for celebration. I celebrated by rejigging the ‘categories’ in the left hand search bar to make it slightly easier to find material and otherwise, onward! To the future!

What’s been on these past weeks while I’ve been very quiet on the Nirvana front?

Well…Mainly just making efforts to keep the “I Found My Friends” book out there. Entertaining stuff for me – hope some nuggets for fans too:

KFLY Radio interview with Carl Sundberg:

The North Coast Voice:

Charger Bulletin:

Pop Matters:

What next? Well, my strongest desire is to use the leftover notes and to put up brief pieces regarding each of the bands who played alongside Nirvana over the years, so there’s always a record of them if people ever wonder ‘who…?’ Next March sees the release of “Cobain on Cobain”, part of Chicago Review Press’ ‘Musicians in Their Own Words’ series which I was invited to act as editor for, meanwhile kickstarting a non-Nirvana work…On it rolls. Never did get round to doing the ‘Nirvana: North West Tour Guide’ as a freebie for here. Ah time…

Just thank you for following some of my ramblings this far. Appreciated. Always. And the comments that come in make a world of difference in terms of educating me further and spreading the knowledge on something I think we all appreciate.


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