Nirvana Oral History Radio Interview and the Something Witty Interview

Just a couple of cheerful bits to share on a Friday. Firstly, was chuffed to receive some really great questions from Melissa in Austin who runs the ‘something witty’ blog – very clear she’d thought a lot about what might be more interesting than the average! They were fun to tackle too.

Next, a very pleasant conversation on KFLY Radio in Oregon with Carl Sundberg. Nice chatting to someone who was there back in the day, who knows some of the bands in the “I Found My Friends” book, who seems to be enjoying reliving old memories. Apologies I’m a bit muffled – even in the modern age conversations linked from Spain to the far U.S. west coast aren’t necessarily perfection.

Carl shared with me a comment he wrote about his feelings on Kurt Cobain and Nirvana – hope its OK to share with you:

“It wasn’t about how many scales he could play. All the fools who worked that angle never understood the real reason Nirvana spoke to a generation. Nirvana was the sound of the little punk that kept getting picked on finally standing up and swinging at the bully. And it was the sound of the KO…knocking that bastard out clean. It was the scream of the underdog. It was the beacon for the lost. The barbaric yawp heard across every rooftop. It was angry, cathartic and real. But it felt good. It felt righteous. It felt, necessary. It was the sound of winning. All of the nerds, the wimps, the losers and the weak, the sad and defeated, we could do this too. We could rise from our social trappings. We could make something from nothing. We didn’t need big hair and all the licks, the leather pants or the pyro. We just needed a few chords, some riffs and the Truth. We could scream our frustrations at the world, we could fight the Goliath…We Could Let Them Have It. But then, all of sudden, just like that, the Goliath rose again. And David fell by his own hand…and we all stood there, in disbelief, the shockwaves pulsing through the nation…Now, decades later, we have only some brief moments frozen in time.And most of us, we moved on, to middle and old age, with our boredoms and charades, our mortgages and credit cards, our thinning hairlines and expanding waist lines…we are different now, all of us. But will never forget the era when the Bullies were losing. If only for a little while.”

The book also featured in the Tacoma Weekly this week:

Plenty going on it seems…Nice…


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