My First Copy of “I Found My Friends: the Oral History of Nirvana” Arrived

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Well isn’t this a pretty thing to find in the post? It’s my first chance to see a finished copy of the book with the quotations from Kurt, Dave and Aaron on the back and all the photographs in place and so forth. Neat!

The book comes out on March 31 and is available via Amazon and all other major book sites:

Also definitely overdue to share the rest of the chronology describing which bands are in the book. I’ve also put the full list of bands who took part below as well. The timeline is just an attempt to fit the bands who took part in the book into an overall structure, so you can see which shows people played with Nirvana and where:


March, Raymond — Black Ice

Skid Row plays one undated house party in Aberdeen March/April

April 18, Tacoma (as Skid Row) — Nisqually Delta Podunk Nightmare, Soylent Green and Yellow Snow

May 1, Olympia (as Skid Row)— Dangermouse, Lansdat Blister, Nisqually Delta Podunk Nightmare

May 27, Tacoma (as Pen Cap Chew) — Hell’s Kitchen, Soylent Green

August 9, Tacoma (as Bliss) — Inspector Luv and the Ride Me Babies, Sons of Ishmael


January 23, Tacoma (as Ted Ed Fred) — Moral Crux

March — Dave Foster plays the Caddy Shack house in Olympia as the band’s drummer

March 19, Tacoma (as Nirvana) — Lush, Vampire Lezbos

March/April — One show at The Witch House, Olympia plus Nirvana’s first Seattle show

April 24, Seattle — Blood Circus

May 14, Olympia — Nirvana play Gilly-Ann Hanner’s birthday party at The Glass House with Lansdat Blister and Sister Skelter

May 21, Olympia — K Dorm at the Evergreen State College. Herd of Turtles, Lansdat Blister

May 28, Olympia— Nirvana play Chris Quinn’s birthday party at The Glass House, Olympia with Sister Skelter

May — In time for an undated Seattle show Chad Channing joins on drums

June 2, Seattle — Chemistry Set

June 17, Ellensburg — King Krab, Lush

July 3, Seattle — Blood Circus, The Fluid

July 23, Seattle — Leaving Trains

July 30, Seattle — Skin Yard

August 20, Olympia — My Name, Swallow

August 29, Seattle — Treacherous Jaywalkers

October undated house party on Bainbridge Island

October 28, Seattle — Blood Circus, Butthole Surfers

October 30, Olympia — K Dorm at the Evergreen State College; Cobain smashes a guitar for the first time. Lansdat Blister and Lush

November 23, Bellingham — Coffin Break, Skin Yard

December 1, Seattle — Coffin Break, D.O.A.

December 21, Hoquiam — Attica, Psychlodds

December 28, Seattle — Blood Circus, Swallow, Tad, the Thrown Ups all play the Sub Pop 200 Record Release Party


January 6, Portland — Mudhoney

January 14 & 24 — Nirvana conclude the recording of Bleach

January 21, Portland

February, Olympia — K Dorm. Helltrout and Psychlodds

February 10, San Francisco, CA

February 11, San Jose, CA — Mudhoney, Vomit Launch

February 25, Seattle — The Fluid, Skin Yard

April 1, Olympia — Helltrout, S.G.M., Tree House

April 7, Seattle — Love Battery

April 14, Ellensburg — King Krab

April 21 — Cobain joins the Go Team and records guitar for the songs “Scratch it Out” and “Bikini Twilight” released on 7” single in July

April 26, Seattle — Steel Pole Bath Tub

May 26, Auburn — Bible Stud, Skin Yard

June 9, Seattle — Mudhoney, Tad

June 10, Portland — Grind

The Bleach album is released on June 15

June 16, Olympia (as Industrial Nirvana) — Lush

June 21, Seattle

June 22, San Francisco, CA — Bad Mutha Goose

June 23, Los Angeles, CA

June 24, Los Angeles, CA — Clawhammer, Stone by Stone

June 25, Tempe, AZ — Crash Worship, Sun City Girls

June 27, Sante Fe, NM — 27 Devils Joking, Monkeyshines

June 30, San Antonio, TX — Happy Dogs, Swaziland White Band

July 1, Houston, TX — Bayou Pigs, David von Ohlerking

July 2, Fort Worth, TX

July 3, Dallas, TX

July 5, Iowa City, IA — Blood Circus

July 6, Minneapolis, MN

July 7, Madison, WI

July 8, Chicago, IL

July 9, Wilkinsburg, PA

July 12, Philadelphia, PA — Napalm Sunday

July 13, Hoboken, NJ — Tad

July 15, Jamaican Plain, MA — Cheater Slicks, Death of Samantha

July 18, New York, NY — Cows, God Bullies, Lonely Moans, Surgery

The Teriyaki Asthma compilation is released in August featuring the Nirvana song “Mexican Seafood”

August 20 & 28 — Cobain and Novoselic take part in The Jury recording sessions

August 26, Seattle — Cat Butt, Mudhoney

September — Nirvana record B-sides for the Blew EP European tour release

September 26, Seattle — Dickless, Knife Dance

September 28, Minneapolis, MN

September 30, Chicago, IL — Eleventh Day Dream

October 1, Champaign, IL — Steel Pole Bath Tub

October 2, Kalamazoo, IL — Steel Pole Bath Tub

October 3, Ann Arbor, MI — Steel Pole Bath Tub

October 4 or 5, Toledo, OH — Steel Pole Bath Tub

October 6, Cincinnati, OH — Grinch

October 7, Lawrence, KS — 24/7 Spyz

October 8, Omaha, NE — Mousetrap

October 11, Denver, CO — The Fluid

October 13, Boulder, CO

October 23, Newcastle, U.K. — The Cateran, Tad

October 24, Manchester, U.K. — The Cateran, Tad

October 25, Leeds, U.K. — The Cateran, Tad

October 26 — Nirvana record a radio session at the BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, U.K. for the John Peel Show

October 27, London, U.K. — The Cateran, Tad

October 28, Portsmouth, U.K. — The Cateran, Tad

October 29, Birmingham, U.K. — Tad

October 30, Norwich, U.K. — Tad

November 1 — Nirvana record a radio session at the Villa 65 studio, Hilversum, the Netherlands for the Nozems-a-Gogo show

November 1, Rotterdam, the Netherlands — Tad

November 2, Groningen, the Netherlands — Tad

November 3, Utrecht, the Netherlands — Tad

November 4, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands — Tad

November 5, Amsterdam, the Netherlands — Tad

November 7, Mönchengladbach, West Germany — Tad

November 8, Cologne, West Germany — Tad

November 9, Hanover, West Germany — Tad

November 10, Enger, West Germany — Tad

November 11, Berlin, West Germany — Tad

November 12, Oldenburg, West Germany — Tad

November 13, Hamburg, West Germany — Tad

November 15, Heidelberg, West Germany — Tad

November 16, Nuremberg, West Germany — Tad

November 17, Gammelsdorf, West Germany — Tad

November 18, Hanau, West Germany — Tad

November 20, Linz, Austria — Tad

November 21, Budapest, Hungary — Tad

November 22, Vienna, Austria — Tad

November 23, Graz, Austria — Tad

November 24, Hohenems, Austria — Tad

November 25, Fribourg, Switzerland — Tad

November 26, Mezzago, Italy — Tad

November 27, Rome, Italy — Tad

November 29, Geneva, Switzerland — Tad

November 30, Zurich, Switzerland — Tad

December 1, Isy-Les-Moulineaux, France — Tad

December 2, Ghent, Belgium — Tad

December 3, London, U.K. — Mudhoney, Tad

The Blew EP is released in the U.K. in early December


January 2-3 — Nirvana enter Reciprocal Recording to record new song “Sappy”

January 6, Seattle — Crunchbird, the Gits, Tad

January 12, Portland — Oily Bloodmen

January 19, Olympia

January 20, Tacoma — Machine, Rhino Humpers

February 9, Portland — Rawhead Rex, Screaming Trees, Tad

February 11, San Jose, CA — Tad, Vegas Voodoo

February 12, Sacramento, CA — Tad, Thornucopia

February 14, San Francisco, CA — Dickless, Tad (two performances took place on this date)

February 15, Hollywood, CA — Distorted Pony, Tad

February 16, Long Beach, CA — Haywire, Tad

February 17, Tijuana, Mexico — Tad

February 19, Phoenix, AZ — Tad

February 21, Chico, CA — Tad

March 12, Vancouver, Canada — the Bombshells, Tad

March 20, Nirvana records their attempt at a formal video at the Evergreen State College

April 1, Chicago, IL — God’s Acre, Bhang Revival

April 2-6 — Nirvana record demos for their (aborted) second Sub Pop album provisionally entitled Sheep at Smart Studios Madison, WI

April 6, Madison, WI — Tad, Victims Family

April 8, Milwaukee, WI

April 9, Minneapolis, MN — Tad, Victim’s Family

April 10, Ann Arbor, MI — Tad, Victim’s Family

April 14, Cincinnati, OH — (Peter Prescott, Volcano Suns: “The show that never happened — think we were to play with them in Cleveland and they canceled, so we never ran into them.”)

April 16, Toronto, Canada

April 17, Montréal, Canada

April 18, Cambridge, MA — The Bags

April 20, Swarthmore, PA

April 21, Cambridge, MA — Slaughter Shack

April 26, New York, NY — Rat at Rat R

April 27, Amherst, MA — 3 Merry Widows, Cordelia’s Dad, Gobblehoof, New Radiant Storm King, Sweet Lickin’ Honey Babes

April 28, Hoboken, NJ — the Jesus Lizard

April 29, Washington D.C. — Loop

April 30, Philadelphia, PA

May 1, Chapel Hill, NC

May 2, Charlotte, NC

May 4, Tampa, FL

May 5, Jacksonville Beach, FL

May 6, Atlanta, GA

May 9, Columbus, OH — Barbed Wire Dolls

May 10, Cincinnati, OH— Coffin Break

May 11, Tulsa, OK

May 13, Lincoln, NE

May 14, Denver, CO — Jux County

May 17, Boise, ID — 24/7 Spyz

July 11 & 24 — Nirvana record the “Sliver” single

The Hard to Believe compilation is released in August featuring Nirvana covering the song “Do You Love Me?” by Kiss

August 16, Las Vegas, NV

August 17, Hollywood, CA

August 19, San Diego, CA — Chemical People

August 20, Sacramento, CA

August 21, San Francisco, CA

August 23, Portland

August 24, Seattle

August 25, Vancouver, Canada

The “Sliver”/”Dive” single is released in September

September 22, Seattle — the Derelicts, the Dwarves

September 25 — Grohl is given an audition at the Dutchman rehearsal rooms in Seattle then Cobain records a radio session for KAOS Radio, Olympia on Calvin Johnson’s Boy Meets Girl show where he announces Grohl has joined Nirvana

The Heaven and Hell compilation is released in October featuring Nirvana covering the song “Here She Comes Now” by the Velvet Underground

October — Cobain joins friends Earth at Smegma Studios, Portland to record vocals for the songs “Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge” and “Divine and Bright”

October 11, Olympia — Witchypoo

October 17, Olympia — Unrest

October 21 — Nirvana record a radio session at the BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, U.K. for the John Peel Show

October 23, Birmingham, U.K.

October 24, London, U.K. — Godflesh

October 25, Leeds, U.K. — Arm, Victims Family

October 26, Edinburgh, U.K. — Shonen Knife, the Vaselines

October 27, Nottingham, U.K. — Shonen Knife

October 29, Norwich, U.K. — Jacob’s Mouse

November 25, Seattle — Heavy into Jeff, Holy Rollers

December 31, Portland — Caustic Soda, Hitting Birth, Roger Nusic, Thrillhammer


Nirvana’s live cover of the Vaselines’ song “Molly’s Lips” is released on a split single with The Fluid in January

January 1 — Nirvana enter the Music Source studio, Seattle to record demos

January 18, Olympia — Fitz of Depression, Helltrout, Nubbin

March 2, Boise, ID — Anxiety Prophets, Blank Frank and the Tattooed Gods

March 4, Calgary, Canada

March 5, Edmonton, Canada

March 8, Vancouver, Canada — Doughboys, Mudhoney, Screaming Trees, the Wongs

March 9, Victoria, Canada

April 13, Olympia (Cobain/Grohl with Witchypoo) — Giant Henry, Witchypoo

April 17, Seattle — Fitz of Depression

May 2-28 — Nirvana enter Sound City Studios, Burbank, CA to record Nevermind

May 29, Los Angeles, CA — Fitz of Depression, I Own the Sky

The Grunge Years compilation is released in June featuring the Nirvana song “Dive”

June 1, Olympia (Cobain, Grohl with Witchypoo) — Giant Henry, Witchypoo

June 8, Olympia

June 10, Englewood, CA — the Jesus Lizard

June 11, Salt Lake City, UT

June 13, San Francisco, CA

June 14, Hollywood, CA — Hole

June 15, Tijuana, Mexico

June 17, Sacramento, CA — Kai Kln

June 18, Santa Cruz, CA

June 20, Portland

The Kill Rock Stars compilation is released in August featuring the Nirvana song “Beeswax”

August 15, Hollywood, CA — Wool

August 20, Cork, Ireland

August 21, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland — Mexican Pets, Power of Dreams

August 23, Reading, U.K. — Power of Dreams, Teenage Fanclub

August 24, Cologne, Germany

August 25, Hasselt, Belgium

August 27, Bremen, Germany — Didjits, Gumball

August 28, Halle, Germany

August 29, Stuttgart, Germany

August 30, Nuremberg, Germany

September 1, Rotterdam, the Netherlands — Charmin’ Children, Mudhoney, Paradogs, Son of Bazerk

September 3 — Nirvana record a radio session at the BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, U.K. for the John Peel Show

The “Smells Like Teen Spirit” single is released on September 10

September 16, Seattle

September 20, Toronto, Canada

September 21, Montréal, Canada

September 23, Boston, MA — Cliffs of Doneen

September 24, Boston, MA

September 25, Providence, RI

September 26, New Haven, CT

September 27, Trenton, NJ

September 28, New York, NY — two performances took place on this date

September 30, Pittsburgh, PA

October 1, Philadelphia, PA

October 2, Washington D.C.

October 4, Chapel Hill, NC

October 5, Athens, GA

October 6, Atlanta, GA

October 7, Memphis, TN

October 9, Columbus, OH

October 10, Cleveland, OH

October 11, Detroit, MI

October 12, Chicago, IL

October 14, Minneapolis, MN — two performances took place on this date

October 16, St Louis, MO

October 17, Lawrence, KS — Paw

October 19, Dallas, TX — Sister Double Happiness, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282

October 20, Houston, TX — Sister Double Happiness

October 21, Austin, TX — Sister Double Happiness (two performances took place on this date)

October 23, Tempe, AZ — Sister Double Happiness

October 24, San Diego, CA

October 24, Tijuana, Mexico — Hole, Sister Double Happiness

October 25, Hollywood, CA — Hole, Sister Double Happiness

October 26, San Francisco, CA — Sister Double Happiness

October 27, Hollywood, CA — Hole

October 29, Portland — Mudhoney, Sprinkler

October 30, Vancouver, Canada — Mudhoney

October 31, Seattle — Mudhoney

November 4, Bristol, U.K. — Midway Still

November 5, London, U.K. — Captain America, Television Personalities

November 6, Wolverhampton, U.K. — Captain America

November 9 — Nirvana record a radio session at the BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, U.K. for Mark Goodier’s Evening Sessions

November 10, Berlin, Germany

November 11, Hamburg, Germany

November 12, Frankfurt, Germany

November 13, Munich, Germany

November 14, Vienna, Austria — Skin Yard

November 16, Muggia, Italy

November 17, Mezzago, Italy

November 19, Rome, Italy

November 20, Baricella, Italy

November 23, Ghent, Belgium — Hole

November 25 — Nirvana record their last ever radio session at the NOB Audio studio, Hilversum, the Netherlands for the Nozems-a-Gogo and Twee Meter De Lucht In shows

November 25, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

November 26, Bradford, U.K. — Captain America, Shonen Knife

Nirvana appear on the Top of the Pops TV show in Borehamwood on December 27

November 27, Birmingham, U.K. — Captain America, Shonen Knife

November 28, Sheffield, U.K. — Captain America, Shonen Knife

November 29, Edinburgh, U.K. — Captain America, Shonen Knife

November 30, Glasgow, U.K. — Captain America, Shonen Knife

December 1, Edinburgh, U.K. (as Teen Spirit) — the Joyriders

December 2, Newcastle, U.K. — Captain America, Shonen Knife

December 3, Nottingham, U.K. — Captain America, Shonen Knife

December 4, Manchester, U.K. — Captain America, Shonen Knife

December 5, London, U.K. — Captain America, Shonen Knife

Nirvana appear on the Tonight with Jonathan Ross TV show in London on December 6

December 7, Rennes, France

December 27, Los Angeles, CA

December 28, Del Mar, CA

December 29, Tempe, AZ

December 31, Daly City, CA


January 2, Salem, OR

Nirvana rehearse on January 9 in New York ready for their TV appearance on Saturday Night Live on January 11

Nirvana record a performance for MTV in New York on January 10

January 24, Sydney, Australia — Tumbleweed

January 25, Sydney, Australia

January 26, Gold Coast, Australia

January 27, Brisbane, Australia

January 30, Adelaide, Australia — Tumbleweed

January 31, Melbourne, Australia — The Guttersnipes, Tumbleweed

February 1, Melbourne, Australia — Tumbleweed

February 2, Melbourne, Australia — Tumbleweed

February 5, Canberra, Australia — Tumbleweed

The Hormoaning EP is released in Asia/Pacific on February 5

February 6, Sydney, Australia

February 7, Sydney, Australia — Crow, Nunbait

February 9, Auckland, New Zealand — Second Child

February 14, Osaka, Japan

February 16, Nagoya, Japan

February 17, Kawasaki, Japan

February 19, Tokyo, Japan

February 21, Honolulu, HI

February 22, Honolulu, HI

The “Come as You Are” single is released March 3

The Bleach album is reissued in April

April 7 & one unknown date — Nirvana enter the Laundry Room studio to record B-side material

The Eight Songs for Greg Sage and the Wipers compilation is released in June featuring Nirvana covering “Return of the Rat” by the Wipers

June 21, Dublin, Ireland — Teenage Fanclub

June 22, Belfast, Ireland — Teenage Fanclub

June 24, Paris, France — Teenage Fanclub

June 26, Roskilde, Denmark — Teenage Fanclub

June 27, Turku, Finland — Teenage Fanclub

June 28, Sandvika, Norway — Teenage Fanclub

June 30, Stockholm, Sweden — Teenage Fanclub

July 2, Valencia, Spain — Teenage Fanclub

July 3, Madrid, Spain — Teenage Fanclub

July 4, Bilbao, Spain — Teenage Fanclub

The “Lithium” single is released on July 13

August 30, Reading, U.K. — Bjorn Again, Pele, Shonen Knife, Teenage Fanclub

Nirvana rehearse on September 8 in Los Angeles for their TV appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony on September 9

September 10, Portland — Calamity Jane, Jello Biafra

September 11, Seattle — Fitz of Depression

October 3, Bellingham — Unannounced guest show. Mudhoney, Medelicious, Saucer

October 4, Seattle — Unannounced guest show. Mudhoney

October 25-26 — Nirvana enter the Word of Mouth Productions studio, Seattle (formerly Reciprocal Recording) to record the first demos for their next album

October 29, Buenos Aires, Argentina — Novoselic and Grohl join Pirata Industrial on stage at a nightclub

October 30, Buenos Aires, Argentina — Calamity Jane, Los Brujos

November — Cobain enters the Laundry Room studio to record the guitar part for a single to feature William S. Burroughs. He also joins Melvins in San Francisco for the Houdini sessions

The “In Bloom” single is released on November 30

The Incesticide compilation is released on December 14


January 16, São Paulo, Brazil — Biquíni Cavadão, DeFalla, Dr. Sin

January 19-21 — Nirvana enter the BMG Ariola Ltda studio in Rio de Janeiro to record further demos for their new album. Cobain also takes part in a demo session for Hole on the 21st

January 23, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — Biquíni Cavadão, DeFalla, Dr. Sin

February 12-26— Nirvana enter the Pachyderm Recording studio to record In Utero

The “Oh the Guilt”/”Puss” split-single with the Jesus Lizard is released on February 15

April 9, Daly City, CA — Benefit for the Tresnjevka Women’s Group

May — Cobain enters the Bad Animals studio for the remixing of the “Heart Shaped Box” and “All Apologies” single A-sides

The single “The Priest They Called Him” is released on July 1 featuring Cobain’s guitar work back William S. Burroughs’ reading

July 14-15 — Nirvana rehearse for the New York show on the 23rd with cellist Lori Goldston and second guitarist ‘Big’ John Duncan

July 23, New York, NY — The Jesus Lizard

August 6, Seattle —Hell Smells, Kill Sybil, Tad

The “Heart Shaped Box” single is released on August 30

September 8, New York, NY — Cobain and Courtney Love duet for Rock Against Rape

The In Utero album is released on September 13

Nirvana rehearse on September 23 in New York ready for their TV performance on Saturday Night Live on September 25

October — Cobain joins Hole at Triclops Recording in Atlanta, GA for a demo session

October 14-16 — Nirvana enter Hayvenhurst Studios in Van Nuys, CA to rehearse ready for the In Utero tour

October 18, Phoenix, AZ — Mudhoney

October 19, Albuquerque, NM — Mudhoney

October 21, Kansas City, KS — Mudhoney

October 22, Davenport, IA — Mudhoney

October 23, Chicago, IL — Mudhoney

October 25, Chicago, IL — Mudhoney

October 26, Milwaukee, WI — Mudhoney

Nirvana song “Verse Chorus Verse” (A.K.A. “Sappy”) released on the No Alternative compilation for the Red Hot AIDS Benefit Series on October 26

October 27, Kalamazoo, MI — Boredoms, Meat Puppets

October 29, Detroit, MI — Boredoms, Meat Puppets

October 30, Dayton, OH — Boredoms, Meat Puppets

October 31, Akron, OH — Boredoms, Meat Puppets

November 2, Verdun, Canada — Boredoms, Meat Puppets

The Nirvana song “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die” is released on the Beavis and Butthead Experience compilation on November 3

November 4, Toronto, Canada — Boredoms, Meat Puppets

November 5, Amherst, NY — Boredoms, Meat Puppets

November 7, Williamsburg, VA — Half Japanese

November 8, Philadelphia, PA — Half Japanese

November 9, Bethlehem, PA — Half Japanese

November 10, Springfield, MA — Half Japanese

November 12, Fitchburg, MA — Half Japanese

November 13, Washington D.C. — Half Japanese

November 14, New York — Half Japanese

November 15, New York — Half Japanese

Nirvana rehearse on November 16-17 at a studio in Weehawken, NJ ready for their appearance on MTV Unplugged on November 18 in New York. The Meat Puppets accompany them

November 26, Jacksonville, FL — Come

November 27, Miami, FL — Come

November 28, Lakeland, FL — Come

November 29, Atlanta, GA — Come

December 1, Birmingham, AL — Come

December 2, Tallahassee, FL — Come

December 3, New Orleans, LA — Shonen Knife

December 5, Dallas, TX — Shonen Knife

December 6, Houston, TX — Shonen Knife

The “All Apologies”/”Rape Me” single is released on December 6

December 8, Oklahoma, OK — Shonen Knife

December 9, Omaha, NE — Shonen Knife

December 10, Saint Paul, MN — Shonen Knife

Nirvana fail to rehearse on December 12 ready for their TV appearance on December 13 for MTV Live and Loud. Cypress Hill accompany them

December 14, Salem, OR

December 15, Boise, ID

December 16, Ogden, UT

December 18, Denver, CO

December 29, San Diego, CA — Butthole Surfers, Chokebore

December 30, Inglewood, CA — Butthole Surfers, Chokebore

December 31, Oakland, CA — Butthole Surfers, Chokebore


January 1, Central Point, OR — Butthole Surfers, Chokebore

January 3, Vancouver, Canada — Butthole Surfers, Chokebore

January 4, Vancouver, Canada — Butthole Surfers, Chokebore

January 6, Spokane — Butthole Surfers, Chokebore

January 7, Seattle — Butthole Surfers, Chokebore

January 8, Seattle — Butthole Surfers, Chokebore

January 28-30, Seattle — Last ever Nirvana recording session

Nirvana appear on the Nulle Part Ailleurs TV show in Paris on February 4

February 6, Cascais, Portugal — Buzzcocks

February 8, Madrid, Spain — Buzzcocks

February 9, Barcelona, Spain — Buzzcocks

February 10, Toulouse, France — Buzzcocks

February 12, Toulon, France — Buzzcocks

February 14, Paris, France — Buzzcocks

Nirvana’s last ever photo session takes place late on February 14/early on February 15 in Paris

February 16, Rennes, France — Buzzcocks

February 18, Grenoble, France — Buzzcocks

February 21, Modena, Italy — Flor de Mal

February 22, Marino, Italy — Flor de Mal

Nirvana make their last ever TV appearance on the Tunnel TV show in Rome on February 23

February 24, Milan, Italy

February 25, Milan, Italy

February 27, Ljubljana, Slovenia

March 1, Munich, Germany — Nirvana’s last ever show

March 4, Rome, Italy — Cobain hospitalized

March 8, Rome, Italy — Cobain released from hospital

March 12, SeaTac Airport — Cobain returns home

March 25, Seattle — Drug intervention at Cobain’s home. Cobain records his last demo session with Pat Smear in the basement of the house

March 30, Los Angeles — Cobain arrives at rehab

April 1, Los Angeles — Cobain leaves rehab

April 5, Seattle — Cobain commits suicide

April 8, Seattle — Cobain’s body found

The Complete List of Bands:

24-7 Spyz — Amorphous Head — Anxiety Prophets — Arm — Attica

Bad Mutha Goose — Bayou Pigs — Bhang Revival — Bible Stud — Biquini Cavadão — Bjorn Again — Black Ice — Blank Frank and the Tattooed Gods — Blood Circus — Boredoms — Butthole Surfers — Buzzcocks

Calamity Jane — Captain America — Cat Butt — Caustic Soda — Charmin’ Children — Cheater Slicks — Chemical People — Chemistry Set — Chokebore — Claw Hammer — Cliffs of Dooneen — Coffin Break — Come — Cordelia’s Dad — Cows — Crash Worship — Crow — Crunchbird — Cypress Hill

D.O.A. — Danger Mouse — David Von Ohlerking — Death of Samantha — DeFalla — Derelicts — Dickless — Distorted Pony — Dr Sin

Eleventh Dream Day

Fitz of Depression — Flor de Mal

Girl Trouble — Gobblehoof — God Bullies — Grinch — Gumball

Happy Dead Juans — Happy Dogs — Haywire — Heavy into Jeff — Hell Smells — Hell’s Kitchen — Helltrout — Herd of Turtles — Hitting Birth — Hole — Holy Rollers

I Own the Sky — Inspector Luv and the Ride Me Babies

Jacob’s Mouse — Jad Fair — Jello Biafra — Jux County

Kai Kln — Kill Sybil — King Krab — Knife Dance

Landsat Blister — Leaving Trains — Lonely Moans — Loop — Los Brujos — Love Battery — Lush

Machine — Meat Puppets — Medelicious — Midway Still — Monkeyshines — Mousetrap — Mudhoney — My Name

Napalm Sunday — New Radiant Storm King — Nirvana — Nisqually Delta Podunk Nightmare — Nubbin — Nunbait

Oily Bloodmen

Pansy Division — Paradogs — Pele — Pirata Industrial — Power of Dreams — Psychlodds

Rat at Rat R — Rawhead Rex — Roger Nusic

S.G.M.  — Saucer — Screaming Trees — Second Child — Shonen Knife — Sister Double Happiness — Sister Skelter — Slaughter Shack — Son of Bazerk — Sons of Ishmael — Soylent Green — Sprinkler — Steel Pole Bath Tub — Stone by Stone — Sun City Girls — Surgery — Swallow — Swaziland White Band — Sweet Lickin’ Honey Babes

Tad — Teenage Fan Club — Television Personalities — Terry Lee Hale — The Bags — The Bombshells — The Cateran/The Joyriders — The Didjits — The Doughboys — The Dwarves — The Fluid — The Gits — The Guttersnipes — The Jesus Lizard — The Magnet Men — The Thrown Ups — The Wongs — Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 — Thornucopia — Three Merry Widows — Thrillhammer — Treacherous Jaywalkers — Tree House — Tumbleweed

Unrest — Unwound — Vampire Lezbos — Vegas Voodoo — Victim’s Family — Volcano Suns — Vomit Launch

Witchypoo — Wool

Yellow Snow


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