People Make Nirvana Fixation so Much More Fun: Credit Where Due

Mr Chris Compte of the Annex Theater in Seattle has very kindly corrected errors I made back on the tour of Seattle in September – hey! Thanks Chris! Here’s the full message an opportunity for anyone wanting to tour the sites/sights:

Just wanted to let you know, the two sites you visited on Capitol Hill (The Vogue and Annex Theatre), aren’t the actual locations where Nirvana performed. The Vogue was originally located at 2018 1st Ave, closer to the waterfront. Over the years, the venue moved several times, finally ending up at 1516 11th Avenue, where you were. Likewise, Annex Theatre’s original venue was at 1916 Fourth Avenue, just north of the downtown retail core, which is where the April 7, 1989 show took place, and which I was fortunate enough to attend.

If anyone DOES seek out our 11th Avenue location – and the door is open – come up to the 2nd (er, 1st) floor, and there’s a framed print in our lobby by photographer Charles Peterson of the band performing that show.


Pretty cool huh? 🙂

In other quality responses, Jim – a regular commentator here – has provided a link (I apologise I hadn’t had a moment to drop this up here until now) bringing together all the photographic material released by the Seattle Police Department – Jim, a definite bow of respect:

Finally, Carlos Sierra based in South of Spain will be viewing an exhibition of Charles Peterson’s work hosted in Malaga on April 10th and is in touch with the man himself, which is rather nice. Have fun Carlos!



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