Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord…Dumb Numbers


Definitely Nirvana-related. I mean, heck, its a gimme indie rock master-class given the presence of Lou Barlow, Murph and Dale Crover. Mr. Adam Harding, I salute thee, thrilled the first album from Dumb Numbers is etched and ready to go…Listen to a track from the album, Redrum, here:

Dumb Numbers

Slow build, fine lilting blue-toned intro before the band crashes in, deftly turned breaks as the song steers into the next section, breathes, then the voice enters only just in time to drown in the music, another instrumental colour weaved through, thicker liquid sewn through a cresting wave.

You’ll have seen me rave on Dumb Numbers before, Adam came to my attention with a fine cover of Nirvana’ Do-Re-Mi (check it!!!) and then shocked me by sharing three songs all impeccable, each a totally different sound and vibe, clear talent, made me think this was an outfit I needed to start following; its been a while since I felt the alt-rock thrill… These guys did it. There’s a trailer online too – Mr. Harding is quite a prolific video artist too so I’m making the assumption that the dancing dessert/jellyfish was his concept…Hypnotic:

So, I’ll admit I bought one of the limited edition pink n’ purple vinyl…This is a label I’ve been happy to support all year, they’ve got quite a few jewels for lovers of leftfield rock music plus its based out of Indiana which makes it feel tres exotique to a Brit like me who couldn’t find it on a map. The cover art of this release is by David Lynch if i was going to namedrop once more – reminiscent for me of Swans The Burning World album from 1989…But the colourings…I hate to say it…More sexy. Sexy alt-rock? I’ll go contemplate that thinking for the rest of the day. Please enjoy and support your indie rock bands – for they may be the Cobain’s of the next generation…


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