The Majestic Mico de Noche

Posted: April 26, 2013 in New Music and New Discoveries

It’s Friday, always nice to relax with something new. One of my discoveries of the year was Mico de Noche, nicer still that I found them via one of my usual Nirvana perambulations, I was looking for Dave Foster and stumbled upon a band worth aural space. Oh, a thank you at this point to Michael Crum from the band for having been polite when I got in touch.

Take a look first at the band’s own website and click up that new track — is it me or is it heavy, sexy, cool? I’ll admit my ears have been firmly detuned over the past twenty years but this has a weight and a grit I appreciate, like Motorhead, Kill ‘Em All era Metallica or Mudhoney 1988:

And, as a Nirvana fan treat, comrades, here’s footage of the band performing with Mr. Dave Foster, my present creative muse and their present drummer, laying waste to the drums on stage a year and a half back:

I’m enjoying listening to something new and simultaneously being able to finally dispel that well-known (too well known) black and white photo of Kurt, Krist and Dave (mk.1) in 1988.

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