Nick is on Holiday: But Here’s Melbourne, Oz Plus Adam, Murph, Steve and Bonnie

Today I’m off to see what Gibraltar looks like so, alas, no post of depth and quality today…

…But here’s Adam Harding (guiding light and guitar), Murph (Dinosaur Jr – drums), Steve Patrick (Useless Children – bass) and Bonnie Mercer (Dead River – guitar) – A.K.A. Dumb Numbers – kicking out a cover tune on stage in Melbourne, Australia last month (big wave to Josephine, Melbourne’s finest, oh, and Cheeky too!) Note the neat video fade-in prior to the song screeching into place; oh, this is a Kim Deal tune! There’s a Mudhoney cover up on YouTube too plus a couple of quality originals.

And the original post for more detail:

Enjoy! And yes, Spain is beautiful as ever. Thank you for asking.


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