175 Brand New Nirvana Articles Published…Including this One!

One week after Kurt Cobain Memorial Day, we’re 175 posts deep on http://www.nirvana-legacy.com and only 173 days since the first post on October 30, 2012. Plus, I’m heading out on holiday next week – oh, and we’re out celebrating my birthday today by walking the roof of the o2 Arena in Greenwich then, in the evening, enjoying a sophisticated (oh yeah…) tour of the Meantime Brewery and perhaps imbibing an occasional beverage. The point being I thought maybe it was time to pause, like I did back at Christmas, and take stock of what’s here – plus, heck, you might find the stats interesting.

In an average week there’s around 5,000 words and half a dozen graphics created or located for the site. This results in a norm of 100 visits per day though I’d like to report that Friday April 5, 2013 – the nineteenth anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, the site reached 308 views in a single day beating the previous high of 230 at one stage last year. People have done me the honour of leaving 110 comments and points on the site – truly appreciated, you remember the post about technology? (https://nirvana-legacy.com/2013/03/09/the-age-of-information-technology/) You guys (I use this as a non-gender specific phrase) saved me from the perils of inaccuracy. Valuable!! I’m not a writer, I’m a fan who chooses to write some of his thoughts up, so other people teaching me more, more…Its great for me.

Prior to Christmas, the blog summary points to there being 17 posts about Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide, 20 pieces about Nirvana news, 25 Nirvana statistics posts, 16 random Nirvana thoughts plus 3 song analyses. My favourites from October 30 to December 22, 2012 remain:


Oh, plus the drummer analysis and producer analysis back in early November. What of 2013?

I’ll admit I’ve not been surveying the news as much as I should be: only six Nirvana news pieces I bothered with. I also introduced a new category (do you use the categories on the left hand side of the blog? It’s the only way I ever find back material) to focus on Nirvana-influenced bands and creativity. I’ve commented on Deervana, Trampled by Turtles, Brett Anderson and the excellent Feeding Tube Records, Marcus Gray’s wonderful efforts on the art front and Nerdtable – hope you’ve found something to enjoy there. There are nine posts about Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide – frankly, if you enjoy some of the material on the blog then maybe go look at the About section of this site because the book is way more considered and far superior (!) It’s £10 for the book, plus £0.50p packaging, plus the postage fee to your location which tends to be something like £2.50 UK, £4.20 Europe, £7 U.S.A.

There are three song analyses: my favourite is the work on Laminated Effect (https://nirvana-legacy.com/2013/02/28/songs-dissected-laminated-effect/), the most controversial was the piece on Low Rider where I did push pretty far – to emphasise I wasn’t saying Kurt Cobain was racist (heck no!) I was saying he was a product of his environment and his direct influences and that punk rock was primarily a post-white-flight phenomenon separating off from the brief spell during which rock, funk, soul, blues were all mingling.

As for all the stats and thoughts articles…Sheesh…Well, there were 81 pieces before Christmas meaning we’ve got 94 post Christmas – minus six news, five bands, nine book pieces, three songs – so there are 71 articles in the stats and thoughts category…Wow…I’ve been a bit excessive it seems…That includes the fanatical series trying to work out the patterns within the Nirvana set-lists and therefore predict missing sets – a fairly easy but long-winded exercise, I admit I was surprised learning how stable Nirvana set-lists were – or the four part series on Side A/Side B dominance, plus the piece trying to figure out what Sheep would have looked like (https://nirvana-legacy.com/2013/02/25/sub-pop-album-no-2-for-nirvana-what-would-it-have-looked-like/), the series about the bands Nirvana shared the stage with between 1987-1994, the series about when covers and Nirvana originals first appeared and the three part series about Kurt Cobain’s homes (https://nirvana-legacy.com/2013/01/30/four-walls-and-what-was-made/).

Some pieces do come as less explicit units, one thought leads to another and usually the result is a pair of articles, for example:



I’m still trying to steer clear of voicing explicit opinion unless well supported by facts and data and material other people can use and get their teeth into – occasional divergences this year have occured, I admit it(!), and I’ve always enjoyed them. I still stick to the rule though that there has to be some connection to Nirvana, that this is a Nirvana blog not a blog about my life – I’ve no interest in broadcasting my own existence too much! Ask and I’ll tell naturally, I’m not a recluse even if I do spend my weeks churning out Nirvana data!

Anyways, with this much material to delve into, please do use the search function at the left hand side to locate past material and I really hope this endeavour is still lending interest to each of you. I’ll leave this one up here until Monday then on we go! There’s more! There’s still more…

…And someday I’ll run out of thoughts…But you’ll see it happening. You’ll see the quality decline, the gaps appearing – you saw a few this week! I was totally distracted I admit, I need that holiday… In the meantime…Enjoy.


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