Today We’re Talking Trampled by Turtles

It’s time to relax, and you know what that means, a tall mocha frappuccino with peppermint syrup, no cream, skinny milk, an extra shot of moca and a domed lid (if you don’t mind, thank you) — a comfy office chair and, of course, a genius cover of a Pixies’ classic playing on your home stereo…

Actually…Given I’m on a train to Edinburgh making use of the fifteen minutes free Wi-Fi and moving darn fast on the ol’ typing front, I’m not sure ‘time to relax’ is a fair description of the morning. But I do hope these guys are going to lend a little chill-out to your day.

I’ve been listening to quite a lot of them recently, Trampled by Turtles, a gentleman called Erik got in touch and has been hugely encouraging regarding the book — gave me a fair insight into the work involved for him and the band when it comes to using the Internet to build connections; he’s right, ultimately getting out into the world, playing for, reading to, speaking with people will never be replaced by electronics and anonymous screens.

Erik initially shared a copy of the band covering Something in the Way; I was intrigued despite the fuzzy live smartphone sound — reminded me of some of the Nirvana recordings I was listening to way back when; I still adore Even in his Youth partly because the first time I heard it I could barely make it out on the multi-generation taping I was listening to, I had to invent words, there wasn’t much more I could hear other than drums and chunky soup-like main riffage. It was enough to make me want to hear more.

It’s sometimes enough of a comfort just to hear someone else has the same inclinations; Erik pointed out that he tended not to engage with blogs, with forums, with the whole “must be social” propaganda that the tech firms are using to make the world feel sub-normal if they’re not squeezing every thought into a multimedia, 140 character socially influential, well-connecting wave at strangers… Me neither. Somehow I still feel there’s a wall I can hide behind when I’m talking Nirvana — it’s an illusion but I can say almost anything, share almost anything here within ever feeling naked, exposed, personal. It made me feel good knowing that it ain’t just me.

Anyways! Now, peoples, a final thought; isn’t it great seeing how broad the musical world has become? Bands like Nirvana, the Pixies, they weren’t about inspiring just one kind of music, a rigidly defined identity; their legacy was creativity in the broadest sense — in the case of Trampled by Voices, a talented bunch of country-influenced, alt. rock influenced guys from Duluth. It’s nice to have a reason to look up and learn a little more of somewhere on a map because someone out in the world took the time to wave and make me want to know.

Anyways…Have a good Friday, hope the music is a warm and cozy accompaniment. And I’m So going to see these guys when they’re in the UK in June. Beers with fellow fans, musically talented ones at that? I’m there.

2 responses to “Today We’re Talking Trampled by Turtles”

  1. Sara says:

    Morning! I’ve really enjoyed reading through your blog! You’ve got some great info and thoughts on Nirvana … My all time favorite band! I think it’s great that you mention Trampled by Turtles. They are amazingly talented and their cover of ‘where is my mind?’ is a beautiful piece of art! My dad introduced me to them a few years ago. Already bought a ticket to see them for the first time this summer!

    • nsoulsby says:

      Nice one Sara! Heck – you’ve reminded me I need to keep a better eye on when/where they’re touring and see if I can pop in and take a look at them too.

      Thanks for taking the time to wave – appreciated!!

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